Alessandra Linville Bailey, Family and Life

Alessandra Linville Bailey was born on February 12, 2013, in the USA. She is the celebrity daughter of Devon Aoki and James Bailey. Her mother Devon Aoki is a renowned American actress and model. She has two siblings namely Hunter Bailey and Eleanor Talitha Bailey.

She is the second child among her siblings. Alessandra got her popularity and fame because of her celebrity mother Devon Aoki. Alessandra Linville looks quite tall if you look at her pictures. She has a beautiful and attractive personality.

About Alessandra Linville Bailey’s Personality

Alessandra Linville was born in February and her sun sign is Aquarius. Her ruling planets are Saturn and Uranus. Alessandra’s element is Air and her lucky day is Saturday. She has maximum compatibility with Gemini and Libra. She loves to help others as she has an impetuous character. She may get stubborn and unpredictable at times. She is quite progressive, independent, creative, and entertaining.

She may lack concentration and get erratic at times. She is endowed with lots of talent. She can effectively manage to build relationships in families where are problems. She may end up spending lots of effort to quickly climb her career ladder.

About Alessandra Linville Bailey’s Mother

Alessandra Linville’s mother is Devon Edwenna Aoki. She was born on August 10, 1982. She has featured in many popular films. Devon’s prominent roles include supporting roles in “2 Fast 2 Furious” and “Sin City”. In lead roles, Devon featured in DOA: Dead or Alive and Mutant Chronicles. She was born in New York City and raised in Malibu, California. She went to The American School in London.

Her father was a wrestler and her mother is a jewelry designer. Her father was of Japanese origin while her mother was of German and English ancestry. She began modeling at the young age of just 13 and in the same year, her godmother introduced her to Kate Moss. She married James Bailey and the couple has a son and three daughters together. She took retirement from her full-time film acting career in 2009 so that she could spend time with her children. Alessandra was featured in Guess Kids’ spring 2018 ad campaign.

She has made a big name in the fashion industry and is considered nothing less than an icon by She was listed by Marie Claire as one of the top 15 supermodels of the 2000s who brought a revolution to the fashion industry.

About Alessandra Linville Bailey’s Father

Alessandra Linville’s father’s name is James Bailey. He is a popular American financier. He is also a leading founder and managing partner of Velos Partners. However, he gained his name and fame only because of his popular actress wife Devon. He is mostly known as Devon Aoki’s husband.

Alessandra Linville Gets Plenty of Love from Her Family Members

Alessandra has a big family who loves her dearly. Her grandparents are Hiroaki Aoki and Pamela Hilberger. Her parents ensure that they spend quality time with her and provide her with the best care that she desires and deserves. Alessandra is a popular celebrity child and is often followed by the paparazzi. She has got an attractive and beautiful face. She has gained popularity because of her popular actress mother.

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