Aloni Arenas

Life Of Celebrity Kid Aloni Arenas

Aloni Arenas is the child of celebrities Laura Goben and Gilbert Arenas. Aloni was born to such parents as Gilbert as well as Laura. While the father was a former American basketball player who was loved and followed by millions of fans worldwide, the mother, Laura Govan, has made rounds as a reality T.V. show star.

Parent’s Career

While Gilbert has been a well-renowned basketball player and loved by many football fans for years, the real limelight was given to the couple when both husband and wife both made an appearance on the Reality TV Show “Basketball Wives L.A.” The marriage life of Laura and Gilbert was advertised all over social media in front of the world through this particular reality T.V. show. It revealed to the world all their darkest and deepest relationship secrets.


As mentioned earlier, Aloni Arenas is the son of famous basketball player Gilbert Arenas and the famous reality tv show star Laura Govan. But they split before the birth of Alona Arenas, and they now live apart. Aloni has been a big basketball fanatic from a young age and shows a keen interest in walking in his father’s footsteps. Other than Aloni Arenas, Gilbert and Laura also have three other children directly related to Aloni Arenas as his blood siblings.

Personal Life

Aloni and Laura have dated from 2002 up to 2014 and then later separated because of irreconcilable differences. Goben was a part of the Sacramento Kings Basketball team’s public relations department and met Gilbert at the face-down show with his team. During their meeting, Aloni was a part of the Warriors and was a rising Basketball player famous around America.

Laura Goben

Everyone might know about Aloni Arenas’ father, Gilbert Arenas, very well due to his Basketball fraternity of America career. However, not many people know much about his mother, Laura Govan. Before working on the Basketball Wives LA reality show, Gilbert and Laura had numerous difficult complications in their relationships that Gilbert did not want out in the open in the media or in public. Later Gilbert stopped participating in the show.

Early Life

Not only has Laura also been a Basketball player before marrying Gilbert, many people still don’t know the fact that she was a rising player and coach at her college and wanted to advance her passion for Basketball. But sadly, injuries got in her way. It has also been published by the media that Lara Goben aired on the show to get under the shadow of her boyfriend, the famous American Basketball player Gilbert Arenas, and eventually, she wanted to do and achieve something all by herself.


This lovely couple has gained immense traction and love globally, and so did their kid Aloni Arenas. Aloni was indeed born in the limelight and has been followed and loved by all the fans of Alura and Gilbert from an early age by their fans around the world. This is why any career in both sports and entertainment industry will prove to be in his favor since he already has a fanbase that will support him no matter what.

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