Ariel Swanepoel Nicoli, Family and Life

Ariel Swanepoel Nicoli was born on July 20, 2018. His parents are Candice Swanepoel and Hermann Nicoli. Ariel Swanepoel’s nationality is American. He has gained popularity so far as the second son of the leading South African model, Candice Swanepoel.

The 3-year-old celebrity child has got adorable looks, a lovely smile, and a captivating personality. His eyes color is brown while his hair color is blonde. Ariel is often spotted on social media. However, he does not have an account on various social media sites. He is too young to engage in social media activities.

About Ariel Swanepoel Nicoli’s Zodiac Sign

As Ariel was born on July 20, his sun sign is cancer. Ariel’s ruling planet is Moon and his ruling element is water. His lucky day is Monday. People with Cancer sun sign have maximum compatibility with Scorpio and Pisces.

These people are filled with emotions and love. They can make very good friends. However, they have some negative traits like they tend to be moody, highly protective, and suspicious. Cancer people are quite loyal, caring, intuitive, protective, generous, and family-oriented. Their negative traits include suspicious, vindictive, pessimistic, and sensitive. Cancer people never leave anyone in trouble and they go out of their way to help others.

About Ariel Swanepoel Nicoli’s Mother

Ariel’s mother’s name is Candice. She is a highly popular supermodel and has already been associated with leading brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Michael Kors, etc. She has been ranked as the tenth earning model in the list of top 10 on Forbes. Candice and Hermann got engaged in 2015 and she gave birth to their first child in 2016. She named the child Anaca Nicoli. Anaca Nicoli is five years old. After two years of his birth, Candice gave birth to their second child, a son Ariel. Candice Swanepoel has made a successful career in the fashion industry.

She has gained massive fame for her work as Victoria’s Secret model. Candice also known as a model mama, has tried to balance her career which is at a peak for now. The model turned beautiful mother experienced her own set of challenges. The couple featured together at an after-show party of Victoria’s Secret Fashion. Quiz the couple about their wedding, they say they already feel like a married couple.

Candice proudly flaunted her baby bump in many stunning dresses. She even opted for a nude photoshoot to highlight her baby bump.

About Ariel Swanepoel Nicoli’s Father

Ariel Swanepoel’s father is a popular Brazilian model. He was born on July 8, 1992. The 39-year-old model is quite tall and has a height of 1.85 cm. He has two sons with model Candice namely Ariel Swanepoel Nicoli and Anaca Nicoli.

Ariel Swanepoel Nicoli Receives Plenty of Love from His Family

Ariel has a close-knit family. His parents are very caring about him and the other son. Candice often posts pictures of Ariel and the other son on social media. She is a doting mother.

Ariel Swanepoel is just three-year-old but it seems that the child is getting popular at a stunningly fast rate. He has gained all his fame as a result of his highly popular model mother, Candice.

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