Audrey Elizabeth Schelske

Peeping Into Audrey Elizabeth Schelske’s Celebrity Kid Life

Audrey’s daughter Sara Evans is a famous Hollywood singer. Sara Evans’ daughters are both growing up very fast. Before marrying again with the University of Alabama football star-turned-sports caster, Mr. Jay Barker, on June 14, 2008, the country music artist also known as Sara Evans was married to an aspiring politician, Craig Schelske.


The previous marriage, which sadly ended in an extremely messy divorce on September 28, 2007, produced three beautiful children. Son Avery Jack Schelske was born in 1999, and daughter Olivia Margaret Schelske was born on January 22, 2003. Similarly, Audrey Elizabeth Schelske was born on October 6, 2004. All three children have got their stepfather’s surname.

Sara’s life after Divorce

Sara has filed for divorce from Jay Barker, and he was reportedly arrested for domestic violence against Sara in January of 2022. Sara, with her three children, relocated to Mountain Brook, Alabama, to reside with Barker and his four children with former wife Amy DiGiovanni, along with her children Andrew, born in 1999; Braxton, born in 2000; and twins Sarah Ashlee and Harrison born in 2001. After just over a decade as a family unit, the blended family seems more bonded and happier than ever.

The highlight

While going through the star’s very active Instagram account, no one can’t help but notice how beautiful Sara Evans’ daughters Olivia, 19, and Audrey, 17, take after their gorgeous mother. Their fans can find photographic proof of their jaw-dropping similarities to Sara Evans’ Daughters, Olivia and Audrey.

The Trio

Besides being an exact carbon copy of her famous mother, the goddess-like eldest daughter Olivia is also following in her footsteps. The star’s 2017 amazing album “Words” features the teen girl singing back-up vocals with her beautiful voice. Evans, along with her oldest children, Olivia and Avery, have also formed a band together. They named their band The Barker Family Band and released The Barker Family Band EP in 2019, which shows how well-connected and co-ordinated the family is.

What Sara Evans Thinks

According to her, family is everything to her, and making a record like that one has been a dream for her for a very long time since her kids were little. Sara explained further in a media statement that her kids were raised on a tour bus around music, and this is something that she has always wanted to do for a long time. She told further that she is very much honored that she gets to make this music with them before embarking on their careers as musicians.

Net worth

Sara Evan has a net worth of almost 16 million US dollars. She is a successful and famous Hollywood singer who also worked in several TV commercials and advertisements. She also acted in movies and TV series. A lot of her income comes from different brand deals and her other legitimate business careers.

Final words

Her full name is Sara Lynn Evans. Sara grew up in Mississippi, Missouri, and currently lives in Nashville. She’s a songwriter and wrote many hit songs for famous artists. She is a very healthy and fitness-conscious lady who is fifty years old as of the year 2022.

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