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Everything About Brooklyn Zeta Crump

You may know Brooklyn Zeta through her Parents, Benjamin Crump and Genae Angelique Crump. The legal field in which her father works made him a well-known United legal expert. He specializes as a lawyer in the civil rights and catastrophic personal injury field. You may also identify the prominent attorney through contributions to causes such as the 2019 offended Parties and the Johnson and Johnson baby powder case. In the J and J lawsuit, there was a claim against J and J baby powder, suing their product for causing ovarian cancer.

Benjamin is also famous for being a revolutionary civil rights activist. His popularity resulted from his competency in fighting for justice for faulted individuals. He also amends the wrongdoings of those in power for a living, making him a remarkable public figure.

Many people have recently shown interest in Benjamin and Angelique’s daughter, Brooklyn Zeta Crump. Keep reading here to discover the interesting details about the girl and family.

Personal Life and Family

Brooklyn Zeta Crump was born to Benjamin and Angelique Crump in 2012. There were no records of the specific month and date when she was born. However, her current age is ten years.

However, Brooklyn’s father was born on the 10th of October, 1969, in the United States. Just like her daughter, Angelique has kept the details of her birthday private. However, she is probably within the same age bracket as her husband based on her looks.

In addition, Brooklyn is the only biological daughter of Benjamin and Angelique. Her parents are also adoptive guardians of two of Zeta’s cousins, Isaiah Reese and Chancellor Crump.


Brooklyn’s age suggests that she is a school-going kid. However, her parents prefer to keep the educational part of her life private. As a result, where Brooklyn Zeta Crump goes to school remains unknown.

Parent’s Career

As stated earlier, Benjamin Crump is a renowned attorney. His lines of specialization in the legal field are civil rights and cataclysmic personal injury law. The attorney owns and runs a law firm, Ben Crump Law, PLLC, that he started in 2017.

Angelique Crump is a specialized doctor. She currently works at the Education Department of Florida as a professional program specialist. She lacks an active social media presence. Angelique keeps most of her life concealed from the public. As a result, we have access to little to no information about most of Angelique’s personal and professional life.

Brooklyn Zeta Crump’s Net Worth

Brooklyn is only ten years old. If anything, she only began her studies a few years ago. Thus, she does not have much of professional life.

On the other hand, both her parents have successful careers. With her father as a well-known legal professional in the United States of America and her mother as a medical specialist, it is reasonable to assume she lives a comfortable and deluxe life. Angelique Ganae’s net worth is $2.2 million as she originates from a rich family. Also, Benjamin’s net worth is $ 180 million.

Bottling Up

Brooklyn Zeta Crump comes from a wealthy background. Although she is not old enough to work, it is reasonable to assume that her life is luxurious. However, most of her personal details are unknown to the public.

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