Caroline Ruth Michie

Caroline Ruth Michie, Daughter Of Donald Michie and Anne Lauren McLaren

Do you want to know more about Caroline Ruth Michie, Anne Lauren McLaren’s daughter? Anne McLauren is a popular British biologist, her research contributed massively to IVF.

This article contains some very interesting facts about Caroline.


Caroline’s parents are Donald Michie and Anne Lauren McLaren. Caroline was born on the 1st of August, 1959.  Caroline is a Leo, that’s her zodiac sign. Caroline’s parents passed away when Caroline Ruth was 47 years of age. There is a three-year age gap between Anne and Donald. Caroline is currently 62 years old. Caroline had 2 siblings; Susan Fiona Dorinthea Michie and Jonathan Mark Michie. Johnathan,  her brother, was born in 1957, On March 25th. Susan, her sister, was born in 1955, On June 19th.


Anne Lauren McLaren and Donald Michie are the parents of Caroline Ruth Michie.

Net Worth

There is no record of any of the Michie’s net worth online. But what is certain is that they are extremely wealthy. The source of the family’s wealth comes from various sources as Anne Lauren was a researcher. Her research contributed massively to IVF. Her father is a British artificial intelligence specialist.


The marital status of Caroline Ruth Michie is unknown.

However, we have a few details on her sister, Susan. In 1981, she got married to Andrew Philip. The couple divorced in 1997, April 7. The marriage produced 3 children; Jessica, John, and Laura.

Jessica was born in 1983, 9th of September. John was born in 1986,  On July 29. Laura was born on 1988, December 14th.

Early Life

The earlier years of Caroline and her siblings were not made public. As a result of this, there is very little about this aspect of their lives available on the internet.

However, some information will be provided on her mother, Anne McLauren.  Anne met Donald when she was studying to attain her Ph.D. degree. The couple started dating and walked down the aisle in 1952. After 7 years of marriage, the couple had 3 children; Susan, Johnathan, and Caroline. Anne and Donald were married till 1959.

Anne made a groundbreaking discovery in the 1950s. This research 20 years later was used as the base to develop IVF.

She was appointed into the office of Foreign Secretary. After which she became not only a member of the Royal Society but the vice-president of the society. She was the first woman to ever hold this position in the institution.

Physical Features

The physical features of Caroline Ruth cannot be ascertained.

The same goes for The Michie’s in general. This family is one that although have attained Celebrity status they still enjoy keeping away from the eyes of the public.

Education and Career

The path to acquiring an education that Caroline cannot yet be ascertained. However, although we do not know the exact educational path of her family, Her parents were Ph.D. holders.

Donald and Anne were involved in a road accident that claimed their lives in 2007, July 7. Anne was 80 years old and Donald was 83 years old. They were heading from Cambridge to London when this awful accident occurred.



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