Charlotte Emily Sloane

Charlotte Emily Sloane Bio, Personal Life, and Net Worth

Charlotte Emily Slane is a first-born child in the family of Jason Sloane, who is a Hollywood lawyer married to a well-known actress Embeth Davidtz. If you want to know more about this teen daughter of the Sloane family, continue reading and get every bit of info like when she was born and what she is doing in her life.

Birth Date 

The exact birth date of Charlotte is kept under lock and key by her parents. But what you should know at this point is that this blonde girl with beautiful eyes was born in 2002. She has a teen brother Asher Dylan Sloane. He was born five years after his sister (2007).

Reason for Popularity

She is a celebrity kid whose mother is a Hollywood actress and her father is an attorney in the Entertainment industry. It’s no wonder that wherever she goes media follows her and tries to take some shots where they can present the latest image of Jason’s daughter. 


Embeth Davidtz is the mother of Charlotte Emily Sloane. She was born on August 11, 1965. Lafayette, Indiana, United States. This 56-years old actress debuted her first role in South Africa. But she got fame from her movie Matilda in 1996. And another renowned movie that increased her followers is Amazing Spider-Man (2012). She showed her marvelous acting talent in TV series as well. The most famous series where she appeared and got praise from many are Mad Men, Citizen Baines, In Treatment, Shackleton, Deadly Matrimony, etc.

She got married to Jason Sloane in 2002. He is a top entertainment lawyer in the Hollywood industry. His client list includes superstars like Anne Hathaway, Chris Pratt, Christopher Evans, Amy Ads, Tom Hardy, and many others. 

He has been working as a celebrity lawyer. He has wonderful negotiation skills with which he represented many top celebrities in conversion contracts after the Pandemic. He dealt with major streaming companies such as HBO MAx, Disney +, Amazon, and Netflix, etc. 

He worked with Will Smith for Emancipation (2019) and King Richard Movie ( 2021). In 2022, he Represented Anne Hathaway while she signed up for The Sesame Street. He was an entertainment lawyer for Tom Hardy in Venom, Chris Evans for Little Shops of Horrors, and Chris Pratt for Jurassic World.

Social Media

Charlotte Emily Sloane is not available on social media. She doesn’t have an account on Instagram, even though many fans of the Sloane family want to get updates on her life. At the moment, we have zero information about her dating life and boyfriend. Since she is only 20 years old, we assume soon she will appear as an adult on social media and might follow footsteps of her mother. Her features are super attractive and she has inherited the looks of her mother and the grace of her father. 

Charlotte Emily Sloane Net Worth

Charlotte is still studying and not doing any kind of job. She has inherited the wealth of her parents. The net worth of her mother Embeth Davidtz is $5 Million while the net worth of his father is $6 Million. She is a teen who is enjoying all the luxuries of life, all thanks to her parents. 

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