Dior Ravel Fontana

Everything About Star Kid Dior Ravel Fontana

Dior Ravel comes from a renowned family. It comes from her mother. Her organic luminous gorgeousness, good looks, sophistication, and precognitive abilities to flex the unexplainable magic that pervades Black women. Dior Ravel has emerged from the dark corners of her world-famous mother, trend setter and starlet legend Bern Nadette Stanis, aka Thelma of Good Times.

Venus’s emergence is depicted by Dior Ravel. She has declared herself to be a truly amazing woman. Dior started attending the Lee Strasburg School of Acting to study film and drama. Dior is a master of all trades. She is a parent, an actor and director, a stunning make-up painter, a set designer, a writer, and a vocalist. Dior Ravel is a role model for women.

Bern Nadette Stanis, Mother

Bern Nadette Stanis, also known as Bern Nadette Stanis, is an American performer and writer who was born as Bernadette Stanislaus on the 22nd of December in the cold year of 1953. Stanis is greatest recognised for her acting on the CBS comedy series Good Times as Thelma Evans, the one and only child of Florida and James Evans Sr. Stanis is also the writer of four novels: Situations 101: Relationships, For Men Only, Situations 101: Finances, and The Last Night. She wears multiple hats and aces all of them.

Marriage And Relationships

Stanis has had four marriage ceremonies. Her 1st wedding was to childhood sweetheart Thomas Fauntleroy in the summer of 1974. However, the marriage was short lived, ending in 1978 itself. She then tied the knot with the landlord of a Brooklyn night bar called Darnell Johnson.  Stanis then married mechatronics engineering professional Terrence Redd. In April 1982, Stanis gave birth to a baby girl Dior Ravel.

The couple eventually broke up and got a divorce. Kevin Fontana is her fourth hubby; a news piece in 2012 stated that they’d been wedded for 31 years, but some other publications (referenced just above) report that Stanis married Redd in 1981. Stanis also has a child named Brittany Rose. Stanis and her youngsters as of now reside in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States of America.

Dior Ravel’s Personality And Features

Just like her mother, Dior Ravel is astonishingly beautiful. She is the exact spitting image of her mother and can also be fooled by her at times. She also keeps close relationship with her step sister, Brittany Rose Stanis. Her sister actually was a studious person, having studied Molecular Biology in her college, the Hampton University. She is currently engrossed in her studies as she aspires to become a gynaecologist. Her present schooling institution is called as Meharry Medical College.

Net Worth And Total Income

Owing to her constant and steady fan following during her stint in the 70s show, The Good Times, Bern Nadette Stannis has managed to amass a total wealth of a whopping $3 million USD. She provides for her family and kids like the independent woman she is. It can be safely presumed that Dior Ravel Fontana also has a net worth of around $1 Million USD.


Dior Ravel Fontana is slowly stepping out from the shadows of the impression of her famous mother and finding her own stand in the world. She is already an established model and actress. She also runs her make-up artist and set décor business quite efficiently and can be often found on her social media accounts.

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