Eleanor June Goosby

Personal Life Of Veteran Eleanor June Goosby Revealed

Veteran Eleanor June Goosby is the Ex-wife of famous Hollywood actor GW Bailey. He used to star in Dramatic roles and is remembered as the character Staff Sergeant Luther Rizzo in a TV series called Mash (1979-1983). They were married for 33 years from 1966 and finally divorced in 1999.

Personal Life

Veteran Eleanor June Goosby or most commonly known as Goosby, took birth on the 10th of November 1932 and passed away at an age of 74 on the 15th of March 2006. At this time, she was living in Los Angeles. She gave birth to two beautiful children at the time when she was married to GW Bailey. She died of old age but before that, she was a very healthy and strong woman. She left lots of love and blessing for her divorced husband, her two children and her friends.


In 1960 June’s husband GW Bailey left college and played different characters at the theatre sponsored by different companies. Some of his greatest works include TV programs such as Starsky and Hutch. During the period from 2012 to 2018, Goosby’s husband played a role in the Major Crimes Tv series. Not much is known about Goosby except she was a business person.


Eleanor June Goosby is blessed with two children. Their names are not known for now. But both of them are grown up now. Unlike their father, they are into some different businesses than Hollywood. They have lived an amazing life with their parents before their divorce. There’s a very good bonding between the family.

Net Worth

Eleanor June Goosby’s Husband was a famous actor that’s why he earned about $ 2 million US dollars as his net worth in his lifetime. Which was pretty decent then for a Hollywood actor. His life’s work made it cross the $ 1 billion US dollar mark at the box office. He lives in Santa Clarita where he buys an expensive real estate property and resides there for a very long time.

Relationship & Her Husband

June Goosby married Hollywood actor GW Bailey in 1966 and was blessed with two children. They got married after a long-time relationship with each other. Her husband told the media that rumours were pretty high about their marriage and dating but finally, they disclosed it to the media.


But after almost 33 years they have grown up to huge differences from each other and it ended in their divorce in 1999. Her husband is still single today and never married again. When June died at the age of 2006 GW Bailey and the couple’s two grown-up children expressed sorrow and condolence. The children maintain a good relationship with both of their parents.

Husband’s Philanthropy

June’s husband GW Bailey worked at the Sunshine kid’s foundation. This organization arranges activities for young cancer patients every year. He was the first to volunteer with this organization because was shaken when his granddaughter was diagnosed with blood cancer.


GW Bailey was remembered for his famous character Luther Rizzo. He also made a film called A Force of One as a debut playing the character Erwin. He also played a defence attorney in the telefilm called Murder in Texas. He has worked in many such films and TV series throughout his lifetime. And now peacefully living his retired life.







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