Eli Alistair Stephens

Learning About Celebrity Kid Life of Eli Alistair Stephens

Around 2001, Toby Stephens and Anna-Louise Plowman got engaged. Toby acted in “The Machine” and “Lost in Space.” Besides, they have three beautiful children. They got married in London in 2001, and live there. The other two children, Kura and Tallulah Stephens, were born later.

Personal Life of Eli

Eli Stephens was born on May 16, 2007. Toby said only to see his true love, Anna, his son’s birth was the best thing that ever happened to him. Eli is allergic to walnuts. Eli’s caring parents, Toby and Anna, spend enough time with him. Anna is very protective of her kids. She avoids questions regarding her children. She carried out a great responsibility raising her two gorgeous children.

The siblings

Eli, Toby, and Anna welcomed Tallulah into their family a few months after their first kid. Kura, their other loving sibling, was born in September 2010. Anna-Louise Plowman’s daughters are extremely gorgeous. It can be seen in the parents’ pleasure as they strolled about Meridian Gardens with their little daughters. Tallulah was seen holding her father’s hand while her mother, Anna, carried her baby son, Kura, in her arms.

How the Kids’ Names Mean

“High, or my God” is the meaning of Eli Alister Stephens’s name. It’s a Hebrew term. Alistair is an ancient Greek word that means “protector of man” in English. Also, ‘Tallulah Stephens,’ the Native American given name by their father Toby, means ‘leaping water.’ Similarly, Kura Stephens translates to “treasure house” in Japanese.

Eli’s Appearance

Eli is a handsome-looking boy who has grown up to be pretty tall for a 15-year-old kid. He has a charming look that turns everyone’s heads. He has beautiful brown eyes and blond hair. His skin complexion is very fair and whitish. He is a jolly kid who loves to have fun with his family and friends. He is a gem of an eye for everyone since his so generous and graceful personality. He is very much loved by everyone not only because of his looks but also for his character and personality.

Net worth

Although he is a fifteen-year-old school kid, he must be going to some secondary school, and within a couple of years, he will be joining some higher secondary school. That’s why the concept of net worth doesn’t apply to him, but since he is from a family of rich Hollywood actors and actresses, his parents must have issued some assets for him and his siblings. This is the reason which gives him a secure future. For the record, Tony Stephens, his father, has a net worth of more than around 4 million US dollars approximately. While his mother, Anna-Louise Plowman, has an estimated net worth of 6 million US dollars, making her richer among this couple.

Final Thoughts

In 1992, his father was awarded the Ian Charleson Awards by All Well Ends Well for best actor. In 1994, Coriolanus, the Royal Shakespeare Company, awarded Toby the Sir John Gielgud Award for best actor. Eli Alistair’s father is one of the most adored and wealthiest performers in the industry.

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