Farrod Wilch

Life Of Farrod Wilch Analyzed

Farrod Wilch is the son of Julia Wilch, born on November 10, 1978, and the brother of the stripper who turned into a singer, Eve Jeffers. The siblings appear to be close to photos and captions shared on social media. His mother works as a manager for a book publishing company.

As far as Farrod Wilch likes to keep a low profile, so little is known about him. However, his sister Eve Jeffers is very popular.


Eve Jeffers was born on November 10, 1978, in Pennsylvania. Eve is the daughter of Jerry Jeffers and Julie Wilcher. Jeffers attended Martin Luther King High School in Philadelphia, where she became interested in music at an early age.

She went from singing to rap, but because she was not earning enough money to support himself, she took a night job singing at a retail club to help cover his expenses. As a stripper, Eve met rapper Mase and encouraged him to take rape as his professional career.

She’s one of the world’s top female rappers, having garnered many fans and a bad reputation throughout her long journey. She’s a talented artist who has been very successful in the music and film industry. After starring as Terri Jones in the Barbershop Franchise, she rose to prominence as an actress.

Eva’s mother was a factory manager, while her father was a chemist. She did not contact his father when his parents divorced when she was 12 years old. Eva’s mother married Ron Wilch two years after her parents divorced.

Personal Profile

Eve has been romantically involved with Nelly, Shane Powers, Teodoro Mangue, and Stevie J. In 2010, Eve met her husband, billionaire Maximillion Cooper. Cooper is the CEO and fashion designer. The couple became so close that they discovered that they were in love.

Jeffers and Cooper were married in December 2013 and were married in June 2014 in Spain. Eva became the mother of Cooper’s four children. The couple adopted a son named Wilde Wolf Cooper on February 1, 2021.

Profession and Living

He’s mainly popular just because of his sister, but he is a very well-known internet star and celebrity all over the world. Moreover, he’s known as a social media influencer and has huge popularity on his different social media accounts. He’s very close to his sister and always uploads videos and pictures with her.

His sister recently logged on to Instagram to celebrate and let the world know that she appreciates being with him in her life. In a few tweets, the rapper, born Eve Jihan Jeffers, came out cheeked out while her brother appeared to be protective of her. They seem to be very close, judging from their pictures and captions.

And Farrod Wilch is a very good-looking man with a height of 5′ 6″, and females used to follow him because of his personality and muscular body. He is a well-known celebrity from America.


Farrod Wilch loves pets and traveling. Moreover, he’s got a great bonding with his sister, which makes him attend most of her shows.

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