Frances Harper Wyle

Frances Harper Wyle, Her Family, Parents, and Net Worth

In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about Frances Harper Wyle, the daughter of Noah Wyle. Noah Wyle is a famous American actor. He starred in the television series ER, where he played the role of John Carter.


Frances is the daughter of Noah Wyle and Sara Wells. Frances was born in 2015 and she is 6 years of age. Frances is the first child of the couple. Noah and Sara originally got married in 2014. Before his marriage to Sara, Noah already had two children. Due to this, Frances has two half-siblings; Owen and Auden Wyle.


The parents of Frances Harper Wyle are Noah Wyle and Sara Wells. His grandparents are Stephen Wyle and Marjorie Speer. His great-grandparents are Edith and Frank Wyle.

Net Worth

The net worth of Frances can not yet be ascertained. This is because Frances is six years old. So, net worth cannot yet be calculated because there is no stream of income yet.

However, the net worth of her father, Noah is estimated to be $25 million.


Whether or not Frances will get married can not yet be ascertained. She’s 6 years old and is still very young to get married. So for this aspect, you’ll have to check back in a couple of years.

Her father, on the other hand, has been married twice. Noah got married to Tracey Warbin. This marriage produced d two children; Owen and Auden Wyle. His second marriage is to Sara Wells. It is this marriage that produced Frances.

Early Life

Frances is still living out the early years of her life. On top of this, her parents make a conscious effort to keep her away from the public view. After the announcement of her birth, there was no other effort on the part of her parents to share any other aspect of her life again. Therefore, there is very little information about her on the internet.

While there is little information about the daughter, Frances, there is a lot about her father, Noah. Noah was born in California. He comes from a family of eight, where he has six siblings. He starred in his first movie when he was  17. He got more support to pursue an acting career from his step-father.

Physical Features

The physical features of young Frances can not yet be ascertained because she is only 6 years of age and will still go through many physical changes.

The physical features of Noah, her father, can be ascertained. He is 6’1.  His eye and hair color is the same, brown. He weighs 78 kg.

Education and Career

As we have buttressed throughout this article, Frances is still a young child and she does not have any set educational or career path.

Her father, Noah, on the other hand, is a famous Theatre, TV, and Film Actor. He has been nominated for 5 primetime Emmy awards and 3 Golden globes awards. He is famous for his appearance in movies like Falling Skies, The Librarian, A Few Good Men, and many more.

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