Hartley Grace McGrath

Star Kid Life of Hartley Grace McGrath

Hartley Grace McGrath has been in the limelight ever since he was a kid. After his first appearance in the media, he got a lot of recognition from the world. Fans continued to demand to see more of him as he is one of the most adorable kids ever seen.


Even though Hartley is primarily famous by his dad’s name Mark McGrath, he has a huge fan base of his own. All of the data that could be gathered might be little for the media, but it is proof that Hartley Grace McGrath has not yet fully grown to decide by himself whether to keep himself public or not. Here is some genuine information about the son of actor Mark McGrath.

Private Life

Hartley Grace McGrath is the dear son of the beloved and the most popular American singer, Mark McGrath, who had him with his lovely spouse Carin Kingsland. Hartley was born in 2010, so now he can be called a teenager because he would be eleven years old as of now.

McGrath married his spouse, Carin Kingsland, on the 24th of September in 2012. Their on-and-off dating went from 1994 to 2009, when finally, they were blessed with twins, Lydon Edward and Hartley Grace. Hartley’s mother is a beautician, while his father is a popular American singer.

About his parents

Although his parents were dating together for more than over sixteen years before they finally decided to settle down with each other and tie the knot of marriage. Surprisingly, Hartley Grace also has only one sibling, his twin, as they were both born on the same day, the 29th of April, 2010.


Just because Hartley is only 11 years old, there is no actual educational background data available. But it’s for sure that he goes to a private school, and the school has not been revealed to the media for whatever reason.

However, since Mark McGrath is an extremely popular singer, there is no doubt that fans wanted to know more about his sons, but the lovely couple has decided to keep their social and private life a secret till they are ready to decide on their own, which is a perfect decision.

Profession and Career

Hartley Grace is a child for now, which means there is still a lot of time for him to come up with a decision on his future and career. There is also a possibility of Hartley following his father’s steps, but there is no guarantee since the dreams and wishes change according to age.

Hartley Grace McGrath Net Worth

Hartley Grace is a child boy only, which means he has no reliable source of income, so it is also difficult to state whether there could be a net worth estimated from the popularity he gained through his father. So, Hartley Grace McGrath has no net worth yet revealed or announced. For the record, his father’s net worth is $6 Million.

To Conclude

As mentioned above earlier, his personal life seems to be under strict observation. There’s no official detail on any of his accounts on social media platforms.

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