Henrietta Borstein Douglas, 6 Things About Henrietta

Henrietta Borstein Douglas is among the most famous star kids. She has always had paparazzi since she was 9 years old. Everyone waited for her to get just a look of her. In this article, we’ll be finding out more about Henrietta Borstein Douglas and her life.

Personal Life

Henrietta Borstein Douglas, is the daughter of Jackson Douglas and Alex Borstein. She has a number of fan accounts along with her regular account. Media always tries to catch a single glimpse of her. Her parents, Jackson Douglas and Alex Borstein have been very private about their daughter’s life and kept her safe from the media most of the time.

Henrietta Borstein Douglas progressed her professional career in the year 1992. Henrietta was seen in a MADtv skit. Later on, she was also spotted in a comedy series named, the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Henrietta won awards for being an outstanding actress in the comedy series and she still performs in a number of theatres and has won a lot of appreciations and awards.


Henrietta Borstein Douglas is surrounded by an extremely loving family. She is also on good terms with her grandparents , Irv Borstein and Judy Borstein. Henrietta is also very attached to Adam Borstein, who is her uncle and she loves to spend quality time with him.

Henrietta’s Mother

Henrietta’s mother, Alexandrea Borstein was born in 1971, on february 15th, in Highland Park, located in the United States. Alexandrea is a highly popular American writer, actress, producer and a comedian. We are sure you must have heard about the very famous TV show known as the Family Guy.

Alexandrea voiced Lois Griffin, who has been the character of the show since 1999. She also got rewarded with the Primetime Emmy Awards. Henrietta’s mother is 1.52 metres tall and her age is 52. She got hitched to Jackson Douglas and divorced in 2017. Her net worth is approximately $24 million.

Henrietta’s Father

Jackson Douglas is the father of Henrietta Borstein Douglas and is a renowned actor and a producer. He has acquired huge stardom and popularity for Gimore Girls. The actor has also won hearts for the film, Guilt Trip. He has made a very high contribution to the film industry.

Henrietta’s parents are not together anymore and they got divorced in 2017 itself. The couple signed up for a divorce in 2014.After the divorce, her parent’s shared a part of their earnings for the work. Furthermore, her parent’s did not have any prenuptial agreement.


Henrietta Borstein Douglas has a brother named Barnaby Borstein Douglas and she is very close to her brother. They are often spotted together by the Papparazi.

Zodiac Sign

Henrietta Borstein was born in 2012 on 1st October. Her sun sign is Libra, which depicts that she’s sociable. However, Henrietta might face challenges in taking decisions and live in a world of her own. She possesses some beautiful artistic gifts and her sun sign is connected to the planet Venus along with the ‘Air’ element.

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