Isabella Louise Astin

Isabella Louise Astin, Personal Life, And Net Worth

The youngest daughter of Sean Astin and Christine Harrell, Isabella Louise Astin is a star kid with a humble upbringing. So what sets her apart from the crowd? Let us find out here:


She was born on 22nd July, 2005. She is a 17-year-old star kid who seems to be shy. Currently, she studies at Oaks Christian High school. We do not find her on any of the social media platforms.

Family life

Isabella’s parents are well-known Hollywood actors and producers. Her father, Sean Astin, is an actor, director, and producer who gained popularity after playing the role of Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings. Her mother, Christine Harrell, is also a film producer. She is also the CEO and VP of Lava Entertainment. They got married on July 11, 1992.

Isabella has 2 siblings, both sisters. Alexandra(1996) studies at Harvard University pursuing her masters in dramatic arts. Elizabeth(2002) studies at Pepperdine university pursuing bachelors in arts history. Isabella is still in her school.

We can say that the Astin family pays extra attention to their daughters’ education and keeps them away from the limelight. All three siblings are rarely seen at Hollywood parties or award shows.


Isabella appears to be shy. She has a fair complexion with gray hair and brown eyes. Her zodiac sign is Leo. Her hobbies include sports, photography, and dancing. Even though we saw her in a small role in the Lord of the Rings, she has not made any prominent appearance afterward. And going by the tradition of good higher education among her siblings, we can safely assume that she too is going to university after finishing school.

Since she is too young to make a decision, we can be hopeful that she may decide to enter the film industry after some time. A noteworthy thing here is that both her parents are self-made. Most probably, they are inculcating the same value in their kids as all of them are attending universities and getting well-educated before starting their careers.


While different star kids are often spotted outside clubs, shows, and functions, Isabella is seldom spotted. There are no rumors about her dating or link-ups. We have not heard of any other kind of controversy. She has a reputation for being well-behaved, shy, and sophisticated.

Net worth

Since Isabella’s parents are both producers, their combined net worth is over 15 M USD. This is just a predictive amount. We have no information about their investments, expenditure, or other liabilities. Since Isabella is yet to start her career, she does not have her net worth.

The final say

Isabella is a pretty and well-mannered teenage girl who has stayed away from the limelight despite belonging to an influential family. She seems to have many aspirations. We will probably know more about her after she finishes school and chooses the college course.

Since she has already shared some screen time with her father, she might make an acting career or might become a producer/director like her parents.


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