Jake Dominick DeLuise

Jake Dominick DeLuise – Personal Life and Net worth

Jake Dominick DeLuise is a well-known name as he lists his name among the top celebrity kids in the Hollywood industry. He was born on 11th April 2004 and enjoys immense popularity due to his celebrity parents.

He is a humble human being and is charming enough to make girls fall for his smile. Being a celebrity kid, he enjoys a posh life with his parents. Want to know more about this charming star kid? Read on to find out the hidden details about Jake Dominick DeLuise:


Jake Dominick is the only son of Peter DeLuise and Anne Marie, who are top names in the Hollywood industry. While Jake’s father, Peter, is a popular actor, director, screenplay writer, television producer, and writer, his mother is one of the top Hollywood actresses best known for her role in blockbuster movies such as Fifty Shades of Grey and Strange Empire.

She has also won many awards in her name and is an established actress that Hollywood has ever seen.

The power couple dated each other for about five years in 1996 and later got married to each other in the year 2002 on 7th June. They have been married for over 26 years and live a happy life along with their son Jake who is the apple of their eyes and enjoys unconditional love from his parents.


Talking about Jake’s grandparents, his grandfather was born on 1 august 1933 and was a cookery book author and actor. While pursuing his acting career, he met Carol Aurthur, fell in love with her, and walked the aisle in 1965.

Carol Arata was also a popular actress and was born on 04 August 1935. They had three sons, Michael, David, and Peter, who is the father of Jake DeLuise. The couple was known to be an ideal duo and loved each other until death separated the two.

Peter was battling cancer and was also a high BP patient who died in the year 2009. Later his wife died in 2020, succumbing to Alzheimer’s disease.

Personal life

Talking about the appearance of Jake Dominick, he is quite a smart teenager known for his charm and dashing personality. His body stats, weight, and height are unknown. Jake doesn’t like publicizing his life and is hardly spotted on social media platforms.

It is believed that he has completed his schooling, but his alma mater is still unknown. Also, there isn’t any news about Jake having any girlfriend or lady love in his life, and even if there is something like this, it is under the covers.


There isn’t any controversy in the name of Jake as he loves to keep his life a secret and doesn’t like to come into the limelight despite being a celebrity kid. All his social media profiles are private, and there are hardly any pictures of Jake on the internet.

Jake Dominick DeLuise Net worth

As a child, determining the net worth of Jake is impossible, but taking into account the total net worth of his parents, it is over 10 million dollars apart from all the luxuries they own in the form of posh apartments and luxurious car collections.

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