James Westley Welch

James Westley Welch, Everything about James

James Westley Welch was a well-known name in the Hollywood industry and has sparked curiosity in the minds of many. Many people ask questions about who he is, how he died, why he divorced his wife, and a lot more other similar questions.

To clear the air about the personal life of James Westley Welch, here we pen down some hidden information about the persona that you might not have known before. Keep scrolling to find out more about James Westley Welch:

Early Life

He was born to Hiram Joseph Welch and Doris Latanne Hilburn on 29 January 1937. He also had a sibling, Janice Lorraine Welch, born in 1941 and later died in 1992. She was married to Thomas Eldon Carroll, who died in the year 1997.

James lived a long life and later died on 23 November 2019. His reason for death is unrevealed till date, but he lived a good life and left at old age.


James Westley Welch is well known to the world as the Ex-husband of Raquel Welch, who was known to be one of the boldest sex symbol actresses in those days. She was deemed to be one of the most loved and renowned actresses of all time and gained immense popularity and a fanbase within no time.

Raquel, the daughter of Armando Carlos Tejada, an aeronautical engineer by profession, and Josephine Sarah Hall, dated James Westley for about two years in 1957 and later married him in 1959.

The couple has two children, namely Damon James Welch, born in 1959, and Tahnee Welch, born in 1961. But their marriage alliance didn’t last for long, and they decided to part ways with each other in the year 1964. They took divorce after living with each other for four years and seven months.

Though there is no strong evidence about their split, it is said that Raquel liked to live life under her own conditions. There were many things that James didn’t approve of, and Raquel resisted changes which ended up in their breakup.


James was well known in Hollywood because of his actress wife, Raquel. They were known as a power couple in the early days of their marriage, but things started taking a different turn after some time, causing them to decide on a split.

Career & Education

There isn’t much information about the education and profession of James Westley Welch, but it is said that he was a well-known publicist. He was an agent who used to help people get familiar with certain brands and companies.

Though the company he worked for is unknown, it is true that he worked for a big reputed company and used to publicize their brand.

Additional information

Being the husband of a top celebrity, James enjoyed his own share of stardom but has now become a topic of the past. There is hardly any information about him available on the Internet, but we hope the above information must have surely given you a slight insight into the life of James Westley Welch.

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