Jessica Blyth Barrymore

Jessica Blyth Berrymore, 7 Things About Jessica

Not all the beauties get to stay in this world. Today, I want to share the bio and personal life details of Jessica Blyth Berrymore, whom you also know as Drew Berrymore’s sister. She was the girl with so many dreams and hopes but her addiction was uncontrollable.

Personal Life

Jessica Blyth Berrymore was born on 31 July 1966 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She died at the age of 47 just a couple of days before her birthday on 29 July 2014 in National City, California, USA. Overdose of alcohol and drugs was the main cause of her death.

Jessica Blyth Berrymore’s Profession

According to a witness, Jessica used to work at a Petco store. She had completed her graduation from the San Diego school of creative and performing arts as per her Facebook profile.

Jessica Blyth Berrymore Parents

Jessica’s father is John Drew Berrymore and her mother is Nina Wayne.

Nina Wayne was an actress who wasn’t the first wife of John, her number was third.

What Was Relation Between Jessica Blyth Berrymore and  Drew Blyth Berrymore?

Jessica and Drew were half-sisters. This beautiful soul was born on 22 Feb 1975. She was a multi-talented person as she was a famous actress, director, and producer. She used to be a wonderful talk show host and loved to write about life aspects. Drew Berrymore was nine years younger than Jessica and they both were related through their father.

Jessica Blyth Berrymore’s half-siblings

Jessica had one brother named John and a half-sister Blyth Dolores Barrymore from her father’s side.

She also had two half-brothers David and Casey from her mother’s side. John mentioned meeting Jessica at their father’s funeral. He thinks Jessica’s death was a misadventure of drugs combined with alcohol.

Life Issues of Jessica Blyth Berrymore

Jessica was battling alcohol addiction, self-esteem issues, meth addiction, and mental stability issues because of her outgrown weight. She had a problematic relationship with her father, John and her half-sister Drew.

Her father’s constant reminder to her of being too overweight to be Drew’s sister added to her self-esteem issues.

The most hurting moment for Jessica was when she found out that Drew said,”how can someone so fat be my sister?” when John showed Jessica’s picture to Drew.

Jessica Blyth Berrymore’s Death -So Unfortunate!

Jessica’s body was discovered in her car parked on a National City street by her neighbors. It was a Tuesday morning and the place was San Diego.

A neighbor confirmed to a newscaster that there was a soft drink stuck between her legs. There were bright white shade pills too scattered on her seat.

At first, people thought it was a suicide but it wasn’t.

Her close friend, Cara A. Dysert, thinks her death was an accident, telling Radar Online, I didn’t think for a second that she wanted to take her life. She didn’t plan all that as she was quite happy about her upcoming birthday. I never sensed that she was under emotional pressure.

The main cause of her death was alcohol and drug overdose.

Jessica Blyth Berrymore’s last Social Media Post

A meaningful quote was posted on 28 July 2014 by Jessica. In her last post on FB, she tried to say that life doesn’t help you come across the people you want to meet. Instead, it lets you meet with people who can help you or hurt you or try to strengthen you until you become the person you were meant to become.

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