Jessica Lillian Jones

Jessica Lillian Jones, The Daughter of Davy Jones

In this article, we have covered all the facts that you need to know about Jessica Lillian Jones, the daughter of Davy Jones. Davy Jones was a famous actor and businessman.


Jessica is the daughter of Anita Pollinger and Davy Jones. Jessica was born in 1981, on September 4. She is 40 years old. She has three siblings; Annabel Charlotte Jones, Talia Elizabeth Jones, and Sarah Lee Jones.

Jessica has one child, Phoenix Joseph Burrows.


Jessica’s parents are Anita Pollinger and Davy Jones. Her grandparents are Harry and Doris Jones.

Net Worth

Jessica’s net worth is estimated to be $4.2 million.

Her father, Davy, had a net worth of $5 million.


There is little to none about her marital life on the internet. Though what is certain, is that she has a child, Joseph. But from whom is what remains a mystery.

Her father, Davy got married thrice in his lifetime. He was first married to Dixie Linda Haines in 1967. The marriage produced two children; Talia and Sarah. The couple divorced in 1975. He then remarried in 1981 to Anita Pollinger. The marriage produced two children also; Jessica and Annabel. The couple divorced in 1996. His third and final marriage was in 2009 to Jessica Pacheco. The couple lived together for four years before Davy passed away.

Early Life

The early years of Jessica Lillian Jones are one that was kept secret from the media. There is very little about her childhood available to the public. The only fact that is known is her date of birth which is the 4th of September, 1981.

The early years of her father, Davy, can be ascertained. He was born in 1945, on December 30. His birth name is David Thomas Jones. He was born in England, precisely in Manchester. His birth parents are Doris and Harry Jones. Jones has 3 sisters; Beryl, Hazel, and Lynda. Doris, his mother, passed away when he was 14. She died due to a disease called emphysema.

Physical Features

The physical features of Jessica are also another subject about her life that the internet has close to nothing to say about.

Her father, Davy, was 5’2. That is the only physical feature that the internet can provide about Davy.

Education and Career

The educational and career path of Jessica Lillian Jones can not yet be ascertained by the media. She put a lot of effort into being invisible to the media. Hence there is no information about her education or even her career.

The educational and career path of her father, Davy, can be ascertained. He was a famous singer. His songs cut across various genres. They ranged from pop-rock to music pop to sunshine pop and many others. He got fame from his membership in a band called The Monkees. He also starred in The Monkees, a TV series.

Davy passed away in 2012, on February 29. He passed away in Florida, United States of America. He was sixty-six years of age when he passed on.

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