Journey Jette Ortiz

Journey Jette Ortiz, All Things About Journey

Journey Jenna Jameson’s only children from her previous relationship with UFC fighter Tito Ortiz are Jette Ortiz and his twin sibling. After more than six years together, the twins’ parents divorced shortly after birth in March 2009. Since the divorce, the siblings stayed with their father and stepbrother.

Journey Jette Ortiz’s Father- Tito Ortiz

Jacob Christopher Ortiz was born in California on January 23, 1975. Ortiz is the youngest of his parents’ four boys. His parents were both drug addicts, which made his childhood difficult and terrible. Ortiz became involved in gang culture after his parents became addicted to heroin.

He started wrestling while attending Huntington Beach High School. He began to excel at it during his sophomore year and chose to pursue it further. Paul Harrera, senior wrestling coach at ‘Golden West College and a UFC fighter, urged him to pursue a career in this industry. Ortiz’s quest for fame began when he enrolled at Golden West College, and he began training until Ortiz made his major league debut in 1997 at UFC 13.

Ortiz retired from the UFC in 2008 after suffering more losses than successes in his contests, and his displeasure with UFC President Dana White was also a factor in his resignation.

Tito Ortiz’s first relationship lasted 5 years and was with Kristin. Following his divorce from Kristen, he began dating Jenna Jameson, with whom he had twins. Ortiz was given complete custody of his twin boys after Jameson and Ortiz divorced in March 2013.

Tito Ortiz is now dating Amber Nichole Miller and owns Punishment Athletics Enterprises, a sports apparel business.

Journey Jette Ortiz’s Mother- Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson is a businesswoman, model, and former adult movie star. Jenna Jameson, born in Las Vegas in 1974, began her ballet training early. Her mother died of skin cancer when she was two years old, and her father, a local sheriff, mainly was away, working late to feed his family.

During this turbulent period, Jameson began to dabble in substance abuse, eventually moving in with her partner at an early age. Jameson’s young childhood was also marked by multiple episodes of sexual assault and legal difficulties throughout her professional life.

In December 1996, she married her adult film co-star and ‘Wicked Pictures director Brad Armstrong.’ However, they split within 10 weeks, and their divorce was finalized in March 2001.

She proposed to Jay Grdina in December 2000 and married in June 2003. Jameson became pregnant in 2004 but was eventually diagnosed with melanoma. The cancer was treated with surgery, but she miscarried and could not conceive again with Jay. These events strained their marriage, and they divorced in 2006.

In that similar year, she began dating and later wedded Tito Ortiz. In March 2009, she got pregnant with their twin sons, Jesse Jameson and Journey Jette. In 2013, the pair divorced after more than six years of marriage.

Jameson became an Orthodox Jew in November 2016 because her fiance, Lior Bitton, is Jewish. Bitton is a Los Angeles jeweler who has been convicted for forgery. On April 6, 2017, she gave birth to a daughter, Batel Lu Bitton.

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