Julie Lynn Champnella, Family and Life

Julie Lynn Champnella was born in Southgate, Michigan on November 30, 1973. She inherited her surname (Armstrong) from her second wedding to popular Hollywood stuntmen and director James Armstrong. Julie is an American national and she has established a glorious career as a renowned hair and make-up artist. She is also a part-time actress.

She has gained popularity for her wedding to celebrated American actor Tom Arnold. Julie got married to Tom Arnold in 1995 and the couple split in 1999 after four years of marriage. After her divorce from Tom Arnold, Julie found love again. She met James Armstrong and they fell in love with each other. Julie and James Armstrong got married in 2007 and since then they are living happily together. The couple has one child together.

About Julie Lynn Champnella’s Zodiac Sign

Julie Lynn was born on November 30. Her sun sign is Sagittarius. Her ruling planet is Jupiter and her ruling element is Fire. Her lucky day is Thursday and her lucky numbers are 6 and 9. She has maximum compatibility with Aries and Leo. People born under this sun sign are elegant and attractive. They can easily build an influential social circle. As they are ruled by Jupiter, they are filled with wisdom, optimism, and youthfulness.

The fire element gives this sun sign consistent pursuit to change and growth. Sagittarius may become outstanding athletes and they are also quite studious. Sagittarius people detest boring relationships and expect their partners to be faithful and honest. This sun sign is not compatible with Virgo, Taurus, Cancer, and Scorpio. They are independent, trustworthy, curious, adventurous, and hopeful. They may get impatient, judgmental, and unforgiving.

Achievements of Julie Lynn

She has accomplished a lot in her career and life. She completed her studies at California State University Northridge. She also attended Eastern Michigan Institution. She has gained fame for her outstanding efforts in The Rotten Tomatoes Show, Carpool, and Special Ed as a makeup artist and hairstylist. She also featured as a guest in the TV sitcom The Stupids in 1996.

She was also seen in Howard Stern’s TV show as Julie Arnold. Julie Lynn enjoys a whopping net worth and a successful career. The popular hairdresser earns approximately $400k every year and has a net worth of $5 million. When she worked full time, she earns approximately $30,000/month. She does not have any social media existence contrary to reports that she had an online presence on social media platforms.

Julie Lynn’s Personal Life

Julie Lynn married Tom Arnold in 1995 and they parted ways in 1999. She married again in 2007 to James Armstrong. She is leading a happy married life with James Armstrong since 2007. There have been no reports of James Armstrong being involved with any other woman or Julie dating anyone. She is content in her life after two marriages and divorce. She had to end her marriage with Tom Arnold as the couple could not make their marriage work.

Julie has achieved great success as a hairstylist and part-time actress. She has an attractive personality and her strong confidence can help her achieve more milestones.

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