Lark Brynner

Lark Brynner, Yul Brynner’s Daughter

Lark Brynner is a celebrity child who has come under immense media attention and paparazzi’s camera shutter because of being born in the house of Yul Brynner and having him as her father.

About Lark Brynner’s Father

If you don’t know who Yul Brynner is, he was the Russian-American actor who passed away in 1985. His objective was Yully Borisovich Briner, but he was officially known as Yul Brynner in the acting industry of America as well as commonly throughout the world by his fans.

He was not only an actor but also a writer, singer, and director who enjoyed multi-ethnicity from French, Swiss, and Russian backgrounds but worked and lived in America, which made him famous in the American industry.

His Family

Yul Brynner was a famous singer, writer, director, and actor in the American acting industry, and he had thousands of fans all around the world. Like any other celebrity, his fans were also deeply interested and focused on his family insights and personal life. So along the years, many of his family members came under the limelight as they were pictured around Yul Brynner at events, occasions, parties, and casually anywhere around the world.

Some of the most famous and loved family members of Yul Brynner were his wife and kids. He had 4 wives throughout his life, namely Virginia Galimore – from 1944 to 1960, then Doris Kleiner – from 1960 to 1967, then Jacqueline de Croisset – from 1971 to 1981, and lastly, he married Kathy Lee – from 1983 to 1985 and lived with her until the year he passed away.

From all his 4 marriages, he enjoyed the company and love of 5 children altogether. Other than Lark Brynner, he had ore children named Rock Brynner, Victoria Bryner, Mia Brynner and Melody Brynner. Overall, we can say that Yul Brynner lived a whole life with many companions and enjoyed many children’s love, care, and company.

Personal Life

Although Yul Brynner had many companions in the face of wives all over his life, he was tangled in other affairs outside his marriage as well. Yul Brynner and Francis Martins’ affair back in the days came into the limelight, and it was reported that these two shared some connection and chemistry for sure.

Out of their chemistry and connection, they gave birth to Lark Brynner. So no, Lark Brynner is not from any of Yul Brynner’s official marriages, but she was born out of his affair with Francis Martin.

Other than her parents, Lark Brynner shared a bond with her siblings Melody Brynner, Victoria, Mia, and Rock Brynner. She also enjoys the love, company, and care of an aunt Vera Brynner, from her paternal side.

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