Liam Jack Diallo Hayden, Family and Life

Liam Jack Diallo Hayden was born on March 26, 2000. The 22-year-old celebrity child is the son of Tom Hayden and Barbara Williams. Tom and Barbara had adopted Liam a few days before his birth. Soon after Liam was born, Tom and Barbara decided to embrace him. Liam was a little above 3 kg when he was born.

He was born in Illinois. Liam is the first child of Barbara and Tom. Liam’s ethnicity is white and his skin tone is whitish. Liam has a stepbrother too namely Toy Garity and stepsister Vanessa Vadim.

About Liam Jack Diallo’s Zodiac Sign

Liam Jack was born on March 26 and his sun sign is Aries. Liam’s ruling planet is Mars and his element is fire. His lucky day is Tuesday and his lucky color is red. He has maximum compatibility with Leo and Sagittarius. People born under this sun sign tend to be quite hard-working and have an entrepreneurial nature with enormous energy and vitality.

These people are also highly possessive and may become a little aggressive when provoked. Aries people have many positive traits such as passionate, strong-willed, honest, ambitious, generous, and highly independent. They also have some negative traits such as aggressive, overly competitive, temperamental, attention-seeking, impulsive, and lack of patience.

About Liam Jack Diallo’s Mother

Liam Jack’s mother is Barbara Williams. She is from Canada and she made a career as an American performer. She was featured in Paramount films Thief of Hearts, Oh! What a Night, Watchers. Barbara won the Genie Award in the category of Best Supporting Actress for Love Come Down. Barbara also featured in White House Down which was released in 2013. Barbara was also a member of Vancouver’s Resident Theatre Company.  She has one child Liam Jack.

About Liam Jack Diallo’s Father

Liam’s father was Tom Diallo Hayden. He was born in 1939 and passed away in 2016. He was a famous political and social activist. He served as a politician in the USA. Tom Hayden married three times in his life. Casey Cason was his first wife, Jane Fonda was his second wife, and Barbara Williams was his third wife. Hayden received great fame in the 1960s for his amazing work in civil rights, anti-war, and outstanding activism.

Hayden had contested for political office many times. He managed to win seats in California Senate and California Assembly. He secured the position of director of Peace and Justice Resource Center in LA till he breathed his last. He was 76 when he died in Santa Monica after suffering from a long illness. He died due to a stroke. He was buried in Santa Monica, California. He had three children namely Troy Garity, Mary Luana Williams, and Liam Jack Diallo Hayden.

Liam Jack Receives Lots of Love from His Family Members

Liam Jack got lots of love from his parents and siblings. Liam got everything that he wanted from his parents. Liam Jack Diallo is a celebrity child. Many people are not yet familiar with Liam’s way of life. There is not much information available about his basic education and higher studies.

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