Lisa Katherina Larroquette

Lisa Katherina Larroquette’s Personal Life and Net Worth

One of the most legendary actors of all time, Jonathan Larroquette, is the father of Lisa Katherina Larroquette. The numerous-award winner and nominee became famous due to his performance as Dan Fielding in Night Court. Being a successful and cherished multi-Emmy-winning actor in the Broadway and Hollywood industry also contributed to his fame.

People loved the multitalented Jonathan through his debut, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. His remarkable performances alongside Daniel Radcliffe in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and other musicals portrayed his incredible talent.

Outside of his professional experience, Jonathan Larroquette has many notable achievements. He is a family man, blessed with a wife and three beautiful children. Lisa Katherina Larroquette’s father is also recognized for having a sporadic hobby of collecting rare books. Read on to discover vital details about the legend’s daughter, Lisa Katherina Larroquette.

Personal Life

Most of the information about Jonathan’s family, including Lisa Katherina Larroquette, remains unrevealed. We do not know about the age of Lisa Katherina Larroquette, for that matter. However, we can assume that she is a grown-up woman of her father’s age. Besides, there are no photos of Lisa anywhere on social media as she prefers to live her life behind the limelight.

Other than that, Lisa Katherina Larroquette has two other siblings, Jonathan and Ben. The mother of these three and Jonathan’s better half is Elizabeth Larroquette. The couple met in the love of his life in 1974 on a play project on which they both had roles to play. After one year of courtship, Jonathan got hitched to his Elizabeth. Subsequently, they brought their three lovely children.

Education and Career

Just like her personal life, Lisa Katherina Larroquette’s educational details are unknown. Similarly, there is no information about the work she does. As a result, whether she is pursuing any career remains unrevealed. Although her professional identities are unknown to the general public, it is plausible to say that she grew up in a wealthy family.

However, it is public knowledge that her father has been a successful actor since his debut in the entertainment industry. Being a television producer, film director, and voice actor made him a respectable public figure in Hollywood and Broadway.

Jonathan’s Substance Abuse

If there is one thing that the legendary actor has been honest about, it would be his fight with drugs. He was an alcohol addict and struggled with substance abuse for almost twenty years from the 70s. Fortunately, after putting in a lot of effort, he gained his sobriety in 1982.

Lisa Katherina Larroquette Net Worth

Since the professional identities of Lisa Katherina remain sealed, it is hard to comment on anything about her profession. Besides being the daughter of a celebrity actor, most of her personal information is inaccessible. According to online sources, his net worth is two hundred thousand dollars.

Final Thoughts.

The parents of Lisa Katherina Larroquette managed to keep her information sealed from the public eye. As a result, there are little to no facts about her life on the internet.

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