Lyric Rose Copeland

Knowing About the Life of Lyric Rose Copeland

The WWE champion lovers Edge and Beth met in 2011. The ex-wrestler lovebirds welcomed their first child, a daughter Lyric Rose Copeland. After 2 years, they gave birth to their second child, Ruby Ever Copeland, on 31 May 2016. The romantic partners and proud parents finally decided to complete them.

Lyric’s Costume on Halloween

The young and adorable Lyric Rose Copeland was dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean this Halloween. Little sister Ruby was dressed as Elizabeth. Lyric enjoyed and loved her costumes. Edge confirms that Halloween of 2018 was the happiest Halloween for young Lyric. He was ecstatic to see his girls wearing Pirates of the Caribbean costumes, and for the family, the night was the favorite night of the year.

Private life

After every fame and glory, the former wrestler has started finding simpler things. Edge loves his daughters and shares a very strong bonding with his children and the family. The 5-year-old lady, Lyric, enjoys being with her family. Lyric is a daddy’s girl and resembles her father’s strong character and voice of command.

According to father Edge, she is under no pressure to choose wrestling as her career. Lyric loves her younger sibling and fulfills her responsibility as an elder sister. The relationship between the siblings is very admirable. Lyric is only eight years old. But her parents are wealthy people. Lyric is now just a young girl starting her own business, but of course, she has a fantastic potential to grow up and have a great career like her parents.


On the other side of the picture, Edge has more than around $14 million of net worth approximately, which he earned with honor as a professional wrestler. Also, on the other side of the picture, Lyric’s mother, Phoenix, earned a decent net worth of $4 million. This includes her property, money, earnings, and all other assets. The main source of their income is the money they earned from the wrestling profession.

Phoenix and Edge also have huge wealth from their various sources of income streams, but Lyric’s parents prefer to live a humble lifestyle. In the same way, the exact amount of Edge’s compensation has been withheld from the media. Due to his expertise, he made a better income than the average wrestler. The couple makes a friendly livelihood as a professional ex-wrestler through sponsorships, commercials, and ads for various products and corporations.

Name Meaning

The term Lyric is an American name for a baby girl. This beautiful name is derived from Greek origin, and the meaning of the name Lyric is “Lyre,” which is an ancient Greek stringed musical instrument.

To end

Adam Joseph Copeland is, known by his ring name Edge, is from Canada, regarded as one of the most amazing in-ring performers in the entire sport’s history. In 2012, he was introduced to the WWE Hall of Fame. Moreover, Copeland has a long history, which is still mostly private, and kept secret from the public for unknown reasons.

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