Mattigan Twain Warrior Personal Life and Social Media

Are you ready to discover the personal and professional details about the life of The Ultimate Warrior’s daughter? Let’s find more.

Mattigan Twain Warrior is a famous celebrity daughter. She is the youngest daughter of Dana Warrior, a professional wrestler. Dana was married to the late wrestler James Brian Hellwig, better known by his ring names Dingo Warrior and The Warrior. In addition to being the daughter of a wrestler, Mattigan Twain Warrior also has one sibling named Indiana Marin Warrior.

Personal Life

Mattigan Twain Warrior was born on 16 December 2002. While she’s famous, Mattigan has a pleasing personality that doesn’t make her sound arrogant and it’s understandable as she was a celebrity kid. She enjoys her celebrity status but it never gets to her head. As far as Mattigan’s appearances go, she is a perfect choice for fans. And with her adoring fans, she has become a beloved figure. However, she has been denying rumors of an engagement.


At this moment, we only can check her pictures and give details of her features like Blonde hair and sculpted body. There is no official detail and update about Mattigan Twain’s weight, height, and other body features.

Social Media

Mattigan has social media accounts but the public can’t take a peek at them as they are private. However, this young American girl has tons of fans despite zero appearance on social media and you can give all the credit to her celebrity body-builder parents.


Both Mattigan and Indiana are still studying in the universities and pursuing their careers.


Mattigan Twin Warrior is the daughter of the well-known Dana Warrior and The ultimate Warrior whose real name is  James Brian Hellwig . Warrior’s wife was Shari Tyree. He was married to her in October 1982. The marriage didn’t last long, because the couple remained in love. Warrior and Tyree had two daughters, Liv and Lily. He changed his name to Warrior legally in 1993. The new name is on all of his documents, including his kids’ names. In addition, Mattigan Twain Warrior was also inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019.

Warrior’s career as a wrestler didn’t end after his death. After becoming a well-known figure in WCCW, Warrior left the ring in 1998 to become a speaker and public figure. Before his death, he also appeared on “Raw” and became an official brand ambassador for a WWE-affiliated firm. Warrior and his team even won an Emmy for “Best Female Team” in a WWE show.

Warrior’s WWE career was brief. He wrestled in the WWF for a brief time during the WrestleMania XII card. He was also a frequent absentee during house shows. Warrior’s return to the WWF in 1996 led him to file a lawsuit against the company, which led to the termination of his contract in late 1998. He later signed a multi-year contract as a WWE ambassador.


Mattigan Twin Warrior is a professional model with a $300K networth. This American young celebrity is very close to her family. She normally spotted hanging out with her parents and sister in sports events and ceremonies. You can find tons of her pictures online where she was doing shopping with her sister.

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