Milo Sabastian Sussman

Milo Sabastian Sussman Personal Life and Parent Info

Milo Sabastian Sussman is a famous American actor. His first major role was in the 2002 film Blue’s Clues. He has been a big fan of basketball, and he often attends games with his family. He is also an avid basketball fan, and he once attended an LA Clippers game with his mother. Sussman is currently dating Sabena, a singer, and part of his composition unit. Their chemistry is evident in their shared pictures.

Personal Life and Career

Milo Sabastian Sussman was born on March 22, 1997, to Ricki Lake and Rob who married to Lake in 1994 and the couple had two children together. They separated in 2004 after ten years of marriage. Milo’s parents are divorced and he has a sibling named Owen Tyler Sussman. In addition to acting, Sussman also works as an illustrator and writer. The actor’s mother was an actress and her father is a famous illustrator.

In his early years, Milo was a shy kid, and his parents often followed him around. But today, he has a huge fan following. Born in Manhattan, Milo is the son of Rob Sussman and Ricki Lake. He has one sister named Owen Tyler Sussman. His parents, grandparents, and aunt Jennifer Lake are all close to him. Despite his success and fame, Milo has always been humble.

Education Life

In May 2019, Milo earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Oberlin College in Oberlin. You can see pictures of his graduation on Ricki’s Instagram account.

Professional Life

Milo got his acting and artistic talent from his mother. He is a music producer and composer. He loves to try different genres of music. Apart from that, he appeared in three TV series, which were based on kids’ educational concepts.

Reason for Popularity

Milo Sabstian Sussman is famous because of her mother named Ricki Pamela Lake who is an American Actress, producer, and presenter.


Rob Sussman and Ricki Lake share two sons. The eldest son, Milo, was born in 1997. The youngest son, Owen, was born in 2001. The two kids were raised by their parents together before the couple’s divorce.

Rob Sussman is an American artist and illustrator. He was previously married to Ricki Lake, a popular TV personality. Sussman and Lake married on 26 March 1994. He divorced his wife in 2005. They have two sons, and they live together in Los Angeles.

The divorce is not public and neither did the relationship. They are both artists and have numerous fans. They met on Halloween night in 1993 and started dating. They later divorced. The couple was married for fourteen years. After the divorce, the children were given to the mother.

Social Media

Milo has a private Instagram account where he shares his life details. However, you can’t get any peek there. If you want t know what’s happening in Milo’s life, you better start following his Mother Ricki on Instagram where the mom doesn’t mind sharing life updates of her both sons.

Net Worth

Milo is a celebrity kid of Multi-millionaire parents, so he is enjoying a lavish life. The details about Milo Sussman’s net worth are not yet revealed but he is definitely making a handsome amount of money from his fruitful career.


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