Olivia James Christian – Personal Life And Net Worth

Olivia James Christian is a famous star kid who enjoys stardom and is a kid sensation among the masses. She is the daughter of Kellie Martin, one of the top Hollywood actresses best known for starring in ‘life goes on.’

The little girl has risen to popularity owing to her cute face and innocence. Read on to learn more about this star kid who has hooked the hearts of many at such a tender age:


Olivia was born in the month of love on 13th Feb 2016 and is no less than a Valentine’s day gift to her parents. She weighed 7lbs when she was born and has now turned six years old. Olivia lives with her family in Riverside, California, in the US and is usually seen holidaying with her parents in various countries.

She holds an American nationality and is a young lass who continues to grow and glow with age.


Olivia James Christian is the daughter of the very famous American Actress Kellie Martin and Keith Christian. While Kellie is a renowned actress and follows a huge fan base, Olivia’s father is not a known figure in the entertainment industry. He is an American lawyer and prefers to stay at bay from the entertainment industry.

Keith was born on 2nd May 1974 in Olson, Montana, where he did his schooling and further graduated from Yale University. He used to work on his cattle ranch before taking up the profession of an attorney after his graduation.

Though he does not belong to the entertainment industry, yet he makes a good living out of his profession and makes a whopping 800000 dollars annually.

On the contrary, Kellie, besides being a well-known award-winning actress, is also an author and a toy store owner. She wrote a novel with the name ‘A novel of New Orleans from Plume’ and is a multitalented producer at the same time.

Kellie’s joy knew no bounds when Olivia was born, and she developed a feeling that she got a new meaning to her life.


Olivia is the second child of Keith and Kellie. She has an elder sister named Margaret Heather Christian, who is ten years older than Olivia. Margaret has been nicknamed Maggie and is a perfect elder sister who has her hands-on in taking care of her younger sibling Olivia.

She reads out books for her younger sister and is an ideal example of a sweet big sister. In fact, their mother once revealed that it was Margaret who insisted on naming her younger sister Olivia.


Olivia is a six-year school kid born to celebrity parents who loves to go to school and enjoy the company of her classmates. The internet has been flooded with her pictures since she was born.

One can easily make out that Olivia is a cute chubby girl who loves to have fun with her friends and family. Currently, the body stats of the little girl are unknown.

Olivia James Christian Net worth

For a child who is just six years old, it is impossible to calculate her net worth. But taking into account her family’s income, she is undoubtedly no less than a millionaire.

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