Olivia Margret Schelske Career and Personal Life Info

Today, you are here to know about Sara Evens’s Daughter aka OLivia Margret Schelske who folloed footsteps of her mother and amazed the world with her talent and cuteness.

Early Life and Career

Olivia Margret Schelske was born on January 22, 2003 in the United States. She is the daughter of country singer Sara Evans and is a carbon copy of her mother. She loves to sing and has even performed on stage with her mother, Sara Evans. When she was eighteen, she surprised people when she sang the duet “Tennessee Whiskey” with her. Olivia’s popularity grew from there. She sang first time in private event and it’s where her music career began in 2017- when her mother called her on stage at CMA Fest.

Personal life

Olivanna Margaret Schelske is an actress. She has three children from her previous marriage. She and her ex-husband Evan Schelske have a son named Zachary, who has become a successful singer and songwriter. Their children share the same name as their stepfather, and they have both adopted their father’s surname. Olivia Margaret’s ex-husband Evan Schelske is also their stepfather.

Reasons for Popularity

Olivia Margaret Schelske is a daughter of American’s well-know Coutnry Singer Sara Evans. Although she has launched her band and sang many songs but she is still know as Sara Evans’ daughter. Olivia is one of three Children of SARA.


Her parents were both musicians and were married for more than a decade. Her father was a country singer named Craig Schelske, and her mother was a country musician. She has three children with Craig, as well as a son with her second husband. However, the former couple divorced after their third child was born. A very close friend of hers, Sara Evans, and Craig have a son together. The children were born before she met their second husband.

Sara Evans grew up in Missouri and performed in the Evans Family Band. She and her brother Matt formed their own band in their teens. In 1991, they moved to Nashville, Tennessee. They married in 1993. They moved to Oregon before moving to Nashville. In 1995, Evans returned to Nashville to continue her career. She was signed to RCA Nashville after hearing a demo of her song “Tiger by the Tail.”


Sara Evans’s daughter, Olivia Margaret Schelske, grew up in a rich family. Sara Evans was an award-winning country music artist. The two siblings also share the same father, Craig Schelske. Their mother, Sara Evans, introduced Olivia to social media. She subsequently sang “Tennessee Whiskey” on her mother’s 2017 album Words. In 2013, she also formed The Barker Family Band, which continues to perform to this day.

Social Media

Although Olivia remained in limelight due to her mother’s name and fame but she wasn’t very active on social media until the age of 17 years. Almost two years ago, her mother brought her cute face on Instagram with a post. After that, we have seen many pictures and video of that young singer.


Her net worth is $20 million. And You should keep in mind that it is the combine networth of her family.

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