Owen Barlett Hubbell, Personal Life and Net Worth

Early Life

Born on October 2, 2016, Owen Barlett Hubbell is the second child of Taylor Hubbell and Heather Morris. His mother, Heather, is a renowned actress.

Apart from being an actress, she is also a singer, dancer, and model. Also, she is popular for her contribution to comedy movies such as Glee. On the other hand, Taylor Hubbell is a popular basketball player in the United States.

Ever since his birth, Owen Barlett Hubbell has been under the spotlight due to the celebrity status of both his parents. Being the child of celebrities, it is obvious that he is the center of attention.

Read on to know more about his personal life, features, and the details of his family:

Personal Life

Owen Barlett Hubbell has an elder brother, namely Elijah. Being born after his elder brother, Owen is the second child of Heather Morris. His mother is a renowned Hollywood actress, whereas his father is a basketball player.

Interestingly, despite being students of the same high school, Owen’s parents did not know each other initially. The story of their relationship began when they met each other on Myspace.

Thereafter, they started dating each other. As their love for each other grew with time and became mature, they finally decided to enter into a marital relationship.

Both parents of Owen were so fond of each other that they were prepared to make any kind of adjustment to marry each other. Elijah, the elder brother, is older than his younger brother by three years.


At Owen’s birth, his mother took to popular social media platforms to communicate that he was healthy. Going by his mother’s posts on social media platforms, his body weight was 7lbs and 3 oz. However, by and large, Owen’s parents haven’t disclosed much information about their child’s features since.

As a result, no information about his body weight and height is available in the public space. Though he has started schooling, the name of his school is still unknown.

With that said, he certainly enjoys the lavish lifestyle of his parents. At the same time, most people believe that he will step into the entertainment industry soon. However, everyone will follow him with curiosity to see how he establishes himself after he enters Hollywood.

Family Net Worth

Morris has amassed $4 million based on her acting, modeling, and dancing skills thus far. On the other hand, Taylor has a combined net worth of $11 million.

Together, the couple owns many apartments and villas both at home and abroad. That is to say; the couple owns them both within and outside the United States. Plus, the duo also has a wide range of luxury cars.

Additional information

Owen Barlett Hubbell is fond of the company of his parents and elder brother. Thus far, he has been spotted with his mother on various occasions.

Oftentimes, he has been seen with his mother on many shows and in parks. When he is home, he likes to spend most of his time with his elder brother.

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