Sarah Julia Fagan

Recalling Beautiful Life Of Sarah Julia Fagan

Sarah and Clarence had their beautiful daughter Bille, but they weren’t married and did not live together. Sadly, Clarence left his family soon after Eleanora was born to become a jazz banjo and guitar performer. She moved away from her house in Baltimore to Philadelphia at the age of 19.

Early Life

In 1929, Florence Williams had a brothel at 151 West 140th Street, and she was a well-dressed lady. Despite her tender age, who was just 14, she became a prostitute for $5 a time, making her one of the youngest prostitutes in town. The house was raided on May 2, 1929, and the occupants were taken into police custody. After 2 months, Sarah and Billie were freed. Eva Miller, her elder and married half-sister, agreed to take care of her daughter in Baltimore for the reason she had no assistance from her parents.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on April 7, 1915, Eleanora Fagan gave birth to Sara. The parents were both just 16 and 18 years old when Billie was born. Her father, Clarence, a great jazz vocalist, is the source of her talent. Billie’s career was anything but difficult. But her life was hard. Because she never had a father figure her entire life.


The marriage between Sarah and Philip Gough ended in divorce. Billie began skipping school when she was nine years old. For her troublesome African American girls, she was enrolled in “the House of Good Shepherd .”But very sadly, after seven months, she returned, as she was a ten-year-old girl who had been “molested and abused.”


She worked as a prostitute at Alice Dean’s brothel for 2 years after moving to New York City. It was scope for her to unload some of the stress of her life, so she started singing in clubs, which is where she “renamed herself Sara after the film diva Sara Dove.” She was seen by John Hammond at a jazz bar in Harlem, who invited her to join his band when she was 18.


She married small-time narcotics dealer Jimmy Monroe who introduced her to opium and heroin, and it proved to be an addictive acquaintance and ruined her by 1941, when she was 26 years old. At that time, they used to live in Glasgow. She was sentenced for drug possession by the time she turned 32.


It was present in Sara’s scene that she sang her Saddest Tale, and later in her career, after she had smoked a million cigarettes and taken a huge number of drugs, she became a mistress of terrible sad songs. Many compilations of her CDs show that Sara’s recordings in the early years were often cherry, and people who liked her, who first learned about her through the sorrowful things in her life, are delighted to discover all this wonderful material.


When it comes to Sara’s life story, there are two types of thinking. Some fans say that her later albums are the most tragic of her career, and others say primarily since her voice has weakened and the songs themselves are very depressing.

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