Shayla Rae Kelly

Shayla Rae Kelley, Daughter Of Mary Lou Retton

Shyla Rae Kelley is a famous beautiful child of the well-known public figure ‘Mary Lou Rotten.’ While many don’t know her exactly because she has never been as famous as her mother, Mary Lou Retton’s fans definitely know her after following Mary Lou’s family insights and personal life news.

Like many other children of public figures, Shayla Rae Kelley came into the media house’s and paparazzi’s attention because of her mother’s open and famous life, Mary Lou Retton.

For all those who don’t know who exactly Mary Lou Retton is, she is a well-known public figure who has been immensely famous as a famous American gymnast back in the day.

After retiring, although her fame did not die down, she is still known and followed by her fans. However, she is a retired American gymnast and isn’t working like before.


While Shayla Rae Kelley is famously known because of her mother, Mary Lou Retton, she has other family members with whom she shares a loving and caring bond. Shayla Rae Kelley is 27 years old as she was born back in the year 1995 on April 12 in Houston, Texas, United States.

She was born to the parent’s Mary Lou Retton and Shannon Kelley; that is why she is called Kelley. Besides Shayla Rae Kelley, Mary Lou Retton and Shannon Kelley have other children named Skyla Brae Kelley, Emma Jean Kelley, and McKenna Rae Kelley.

Shayla shares a close and intimate bond with her family members, including her father, mother, and siblings. Other family members of her clan other than her siblings and parents include grandparents Ronnie Retton and Louis Retton. Both of these grandparents are from the maternal side of Shayla Rae Kelley.

Personal Life

As far as the personal life of Shayla Rae Kelley is concerned, she was born in the year 1995 in Houston, Texas, United States of America. She was born to the famous parents of Mary Lou Retton and Shannon Kelley.

While we all know Mary Lou Retton is a retired American gymnast, Shannon Kelley is a former American quarterback. He was a famous quarterback in the American football club Texas Longhorns. He was with this club as a quarterback till the beginning of the year 1988.

Afterward, he pursued a career in the business industry and then, later on, became a college football coach becasue that is what he loved to do.

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