Siena Natasha Ponce

Life Of Siena Natasha Ponce Detailed

Siena was born in 2002. Siena Natasha Ponce is the daughter of Carlos Ponce, a well-known actor, songwriter, television personality, and singer. Her mother’s name is Veronica Rubio. She is a skilled photographer and an actor from the United States.

Personal Life

She appears to be a very private person who prefers not to reveal her personal life on social media.

Siena Natasha Ponce is a well-known Instagram model that is noted for her stunning and fashionable photographs. She got interested in photography as a child and experimented with multiple configurations and techniques as she grew older. Siena’s talent developed into something genuinely exceptional as she grew older and realized her true passion for photography as an art form.

Siena is now one of the most popular Instagram personalities, with millions of followers eagerly anticipating her new posts. Her diary is a tribute to her many life experiences and travels, from concerts and fashion displays to far-flung vacations.


Siena has two brothers, Giancarlo Ponce and Sebastian Joel Ponce, and a sister named Savanna Ala Ponce. Giancarlo is the eldest brother who was born in the year 1999. Sebastian was born in 2001 after that. Savanna, her younger sister, was born in 2002.

Parents’ Married Life

Siena’s parents got married on October 25, 1996. They have four kids together. However, in 2010, the couple divorced. According to speculations, Siena’s father, Carlos, had an affair with Roselyn Sanchez, an actress. She is also a Puerto Rican vocalist. However, this is purely based on rumors with no supporting proof.

Coping With Depression

Carlos speaks openly about his daughter’s mental health crisis, which she initially tried to conceal from her family. “She became distant from us, more serious,” she says of the high school girl who closed herself in her room, lost interest in her favorite pastimes, began sleeping more during the day, and suffered from sleeplessness at night. “I sensed something was wrong,” adds Rubio.

Elizabeth – Sienna’s psychologist spoke to People about Sienna’s anxiety and depression diagnosis. “She can’t express many of her emotions, thus, she can’t talk about them.” “Most of the time, depression hides beneath the rage,” says the doctor. Sienna recalls feeling “sad, furious, anxious, and apathetic toward everything and everyone.” “She couldn’t control any of those emotions, and they were consuming my thoughts.”

Overcoming Depression And Anxiety

Sienna felt better after swimming, riding, playing with her puppy, and talking to her friends and siblings, in addition to taking medication recommended by a psychologist and attending therapy sessions with Skjoldal. She continued to struggle with her situation but finally overcame it after several sessions, medications, trying to engage with different activities, and finally, socializing. Later she overcame her situation and started leading a healthy mental life.


Carlos Ponce’s estimated net worth in 2022 is $5,000 thousand dollars. As a Puerto Rican actor, musician, and model, he has gained a substantial fortune. Carlos Ponce’s total property or net income is, therefore, between $3 and $5 million.

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