Stella May Oldham Vincent Personal and Education Life

Stella May Oldham Vincent is Peri Gilpin’s daughter and today you are here to get details of her networth, educational life and much more. So, continue reading to explore more about this 18-year old daughter of well-known Actress Peri Glipin.

Personal Life of Stella May Oldham

Peri and Christian Vincent are married and have two daughters, Stella May and Ava. They became parents through a surrogate mother on May 7, 2004. She is a godmother to Jane Leeves’ daughter Isabella, and Stella, as well as to Christian Vincent’s daughter Ava Pearl. They live in Los Angeles. They are close friends. The twins are well-adopted and are growing up in the same house.

Stella is often spotted shopping with her sister. She appears in award function with her mother.She has got very beautiful features. At the moment, her career move is unclear but it’s quite possible that she follows her mother’s footsteps.

Educational Life

Stella is 18-years old and at the moment she is working on her high school. Although she is a celebrity kid but she has decided to focus on her education and earn a good degree.

Stella As a Celebrity Kid

Though her parents were rich, Stella prefers to stay modest. She spends most of her parents’ money on her hobbies and interests and avoids controversy. Her father spends a large part of his income on her interests. She is not active on social media. She plans to become a doctor when she is old enough. Although her parents are wealthy, Stella wants to remain modest and spend the family fortune on her hobbies.

Facts About Stella Life

Stella added word May in her name just to show the world that she is a May Girl and has all the features of her zodiac star. She has got an American passport but her ethnicity is not yet revealed.


She is the daughter of Christian Vincent and Peri Gilpin. The couple is married and they have two children: Ava and Stella. Both are active in the arts and enjoy playing music. In addition to her acting career, she has a successful e-commerce company. Her husband is an artist and painter, and she has worked on several projects in this field.

Peri Gilpin is a famous actress. She was born in 1961 and took her mother’s name as a surname when she married Wes Gilpin in 1969. Before launching her career, she was a makeup artist. Peri appeared in an episode of the popular TV show Cheers in the 11th season. She also played Roz Doyle in the real-life TV series Frasier. Her husband also became a weatherman. The couple has two children together: Sam and Patti.


Stella is a celebrity kid who has a networth of $165K. One thing you need to know at this point is that there is no official detail of her net worth. The number I mentioned here is the detail we get from different internet sources.

Social Media

Stella May Oldham Vincent doesn;t have any social media account. So, you can’t follow this celebrity kid on Instagram or other platforms.

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