Susan Callahan-Howe

Susan Callahan-Howe, 6 Things You need To Know

You might have heard about the old celebrities being famous even after their death as their children carry on the line of staying popular. So many people become famous either through the entertainment or music industry, which is quite normal, but being famous for reasons that might bring someone sorrow, is another type of dejection.

In the case of Susan Callahan-Howe, the sorrow and loss of someone’s life happen to be the reason for her and her family going viral. Even though there isn’t much information available online, the pieces left have been summarized.

Continue reading to learn more about the reason for her being well-known, even outside the music and entertainment industry.

Personal History

Susan Callahan was born in the United States in the year 1953 and died in 2021 when she was 68-years-old, breaking the heart of her fans and her only daughter, Julia Desiree Howe. She was married to Desi Arnaz Jr, who loved his wife more than anything in the world and loved only his daughter after her.

Susan Callahan’s Daughter

Julia Desiree Howe had a daughter named Desiree Anzalone, who was loved endlessly by her parents when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and later died when she was 31-year-old.

Susan Callahan’s GrandDaughter

Desiree Anzalone was known to be a photographer when she was diagnosed with such a threat that took her life at a young age on the 27th of September in 2020. Julia Arnaz (great grandparent) was more than heartbroken after losing her mother and daughter in 2 consecutive years.

Honoring the Family

Susan Callahan lost her granddaughter before she died, which might be why her sudden death right the next year of her granddaughter’s death. Once Julia lost both her daughter and mother, she was devastated, so, using the family name, they honored the memory of Julia’s daughter using the family legacy to do so.

What happened to Julia’s daughter was a kind of outbreak for Julia as after grieving for her daughter for a long time, she decided to do what she thought was right. She helped establish an organization to help women battle breast cancer in the memory of her daughter dying due to that particular cause.

People’s Opinion

When people discovered that the star of the show “I Love Lucy” had a granddaughter fighting for her life, they were deeply sorrowed. Many people expressed their upsetting feelings regarding the matter, knowing how great of a person Susan was and her granddaughter.

People surely loved the granddaughter-and-mother pair as one of them was a Television show star and the other a photographer. Everyone was quite devastated due to the news and even helped  Julia achieve her goal of establishing the foundation for helping women with breast cancer.

Net Worth

Even though the net worth of Susan Callahan or her granddaughter, Desiree Anzalone, is not available online, Julia Arnaz has an estimated amount of 10 million dollars as her net worth.

Final Verdict

Susan Callahan died in 2021 after her beloved granddaughter’s death, which was why the family received such popularity.

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