Tahmel Hinds

Tahmel Hinds, 4 Things You Need To Know

Being popular from a very young age sure has its own advantages; you don’t have to work hard to get into the good books of people or make them believe in you. Many might consider it a silver spoon on a silver platter, but it is no doubt a fact that being famous by birth is one of the most exclusive lifestyles one could have.

Tahmel Hinds, like many child celebrities out there, became famous ever since he was born, all due to the famous meter of his mother. Tahmel Hinds is the son of Macy Gary, which is nothing but a proud moment for a son.

Keep on reading to find out everything there is to know about Tahmel Hinds!

About Tahmel Hinds

Tahmel Hinds was born in the month of December 1995, making him the 26-years-old now. He is the son of Tracey Hinds and Macy Gray. She is known to be an American singer and has a fanbase of people exciting her stay in the music industry. Even other than being an R&B singer, she also used to be an actress, and a multi-talented artist, creating another reason for people to love her more.

His mother’s raspy voice is complimented all over America, making her music even more interesting and her characters more intriguing. Even though Tahmel’s mother is 52-years-old, not a single day goes by without her being praised by lovely fans for her fantastic music.

Educational & Professional Background

Even though Tahmel has been popular ever since he was born, there is still a lot of information about him that has been kept hidden from the public. Considering the secretive personality Tahmel had, he kept his personal and professional information private, not giving anyone a chance to spread any kind of false news about him.

Maybe keeping the professional background was a fair decision, but the educational background has also been kept hidden from the public, which gives rise to people’s curiosity and interest. It also might be possible for him to follow in his mother’s steps as the recognition she has received is unmatched in any profession.


The parents of Tahmel Hinds are not together anymore, which brought great shock to people as they were one of the most loving and loyal couples. Even at this age, Macy Gray is socially active and has her handle on Instagram as “@macygray”.

Macy Gray was never complimented for her voice ever since she was a child, which led her to the decision to test herself and become one of the best American singers. Her ex-husband, who is the father of Tahmel Hinds and is known as Tracy Hinds, got married in 1996 and divorced in 1998.

Tahmel Hinds Net Worth

Since nothing has ever been published about Tahmel Hinds, it’s hard to say anything about his net worth. His mother, however, has an estimated amount of net worth of 12 Million dollars.

Final Verdict

Tahmel Hinds, the son of Macy Gray, has always been loved and adored for being the son of such a great artist as Macy Gray.

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