Timoteo Schreiber

Timoteo Schreiber, His Parents, Education, and Net Worth

In this article, we’ve covered everything you should know about Timoteo Schreiber, the son of Pablo Schreiber. Pablo is a famous producer and actor. Pablo played the role Pornstache in the movie, Orange is the New Black.

This article contains interesting facts about this man, so do read to the end to uncover all these facts.


Timoteo is the son of Pablo Schreiber and Jessica Monty. He was born in 2008, on October 20. Timoteo has a younger brother, Dante Schreiber. Dante was born in 2012, on February 19. They are a family of 4.

Timoteo’s uncle is the famous actor Liev Schreiber. Liev is not the only uncle that Timoteo has. He has 3 other uncles; Will, Max, and Charles.


The parents of Timoteo Schreiber are Jessica Montu and Pablo Schreiber.

The grandparents of Timoteo are Lorraine Reaveley and Tell Schreiber.

Net Worth

The net worth of Timoteo can not yet be ascertained.

The net worth of his father, Pablo is estimated to be $5 million.


Timoteo is still a young boy so marriage is off the books for a long while. He hasn’t even started dating yet, but don’t despair, you’ll soon get that information in a few years.

His parents on the other hand tied the knot in 2007. In 2013. Jessica filed for a divorce. The couple eventually got divorced in 2015. Jessica Montu first filed for full custody of both her sons. But then this proved futile, she later agreed to share joint custody with her husband, Pablo Schreiber.

His parents both get to spend equal time with him and his brother.

Early Life

While growing up, Timoteo was adventurous just like his father. He engages in a lot of thrilling working activities with his father, Pablo. Activities like surfing, rock climbing, and more. Timoteo and his father, Pablo also spend quality time with one another. They often go on picnics and cycling. The father and son have a strong bond. Despite having such a busy acting career, his father still makes time to spend with him. The activities can range from something major like rock climbing to something as trivial as going on a picnic.

From what we have seen so far, it is obvious that the young boy enjoys the company of his father more than that of his mother.

Physical Features

Timoteo is still a growing young boy so his physical features will constantly be changing due to puberty. Hence why it is very little on his physical features on the internet.

Pablo, his father, stands at a height of 6’5. His hair color is dark brown. His eye color is brown. He has Type two fair skin. He also has straight and short hair.

Education and Career

Timoteo is far too young to already have an educational and career plan. It would take a couple of years before we can ascertain what his plans in this area will be.

His parents on the other hand are successful in their career paths. His father is a very famous American actor. While his mother is a Yoga instructor.

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