Tyler Cassidy Clinton BIO and Net Worth

A handsome and muscular guy appeared on the stage to support his Aunt Hillary Clinton on becoming the first female to win the Presidential nomination and it’s when he got all the media attention he deserved. Yes, you got me, I’m talking about Tyler Cassidy Clinton whose participation during the 2016 Democratic National Convention made him win a massive fan following around the world.

Are you curious about the personal life of this young handsome guy of the Clinton Family? If yes, then it’s time to continue reading and end this curiosity once and for all.

Personal Info

Tyler Cassidy Clinton was born on 12 May 1994 in California, United States. This 27-years old guy is a model with 10.8K Followers-only on Instagram.


Tyler is a muscular guy with six feet of height, a beautiful face, and a smile. He got an unbelievable following on social media and girls love to follow what he is doing.

Professional Career

Tyler decided to pursue a modeling career but he won’t be any other model you can find on the ramp. He would be different because he recently signed a contract with IMG models. Everyone is well-aware of this company which represents top models of the fashion industry like Bella Hadid, and Gigi Hadid to name a few.

Tyler followed neither his father’s footsteps to become an actor nor his family’s legacy to become a politician. He chose a different career path. However, one must predict that it won’t be hard for him to become successful here, given his family history.


He is the first biological son of Roger Clinton and Molly Martin. And one thing you need to know at this point is that he was the reason behind the last-minute wedding of his parents. Molly was pregnant with Tyler when Roger popped up the question. The couple tied the knot and welcomed their son. Roger decided to give his Middle name Cassidy to his baby, even when he had no idea about the baby’s gender.

Roger Clinton is a half-brother of former President Bill Clinton. Macy Clinton is a half-sister of Tyler from his father’s side. Roger had a very brief relationship with Macy’s mother. Macy is five years older than Tyler.

Roger Clinton is a famous American actor who earned his name and fame from the comedy movie Frued Claus (2007). He also performed a good role in the TV show The Nanny.

Political Interest

Although Tyler didn’t follow his uncle and aunt in the politics he always support them. He appeared in the limelight when Bill Clinton was the President. He also made his media debut during the Presidential Bid of his Aunt Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Reason for Popularity

Tyler Cassidy is the son of famous Hollywood Actor Roger Clinton, but it’s not the main reason he got all the media attention. His participation National Convention made him became the focal point of the limelight.

Tyler Cassidy Clinton Net Worth

His massive social media following and modeling career make him a celebrity star. The predicted net worth of Tyler Cassidy Clinton is ranging from $1 to 5 Million.

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