William Dalton Van Zandt

William Dalton Van Zandt, Son Of Adrienne Barbeau and Billy Van Zandt

This article will look at some of the things you may not know about William Dalton Van Zandt, the son of Billy Van Zandt. Billy is a famous American writer.

Here, you will find out some interesting facts about William. Continue reading to discover these facts.


William is the son of Adrienne Barbeau and Billy Van Zandt. He has two siblings; Walker Steven Van Zandt and Cody Carpenter. He was born in 1997, on March 17th. His uncles are Robert Barbeau and Steven Van Zandt. His aunt is Jocelyn Barbeau. William Van Dalt has a twin brother, Walker Steven. His brother was born in 1984, on May 7.


Billy Van Zandt and Adrienne Barbeau are the parents of William Dalton Van Zandt. The paternal grandparents of William are Mary Lento and William Brewster Van Zandt. His maternal grandparents are Joseph Barbeau and Armene Nalbandian.

Net Worth

The net worth of William has not yet been ascertained.

But the net worth of his father, Billy, is estimated to be $10 million.


William’s marital status is non-existent. Or so the media says. He has not been rumored to ever be in a relationship. So not much can be said about his private life.

His parents on the other hand tied the knot on the 31st of December 1992. The couple filed for a divorce in 2018. Billy is currently married to Teresa Ganzel.

When the couple met one another, Billy was 33 years old and Adrienne was 45 years old.

Early Life

When William was born he weighed five pounds and two ounces.

Aside from that fact, not much has been revealed about the early years of his life. He has lived his life away from the public view.

His father, Billy, was born in 1957, on December 13. He was born in the United States of America, precisely in New Jersey. He is 64 years of age.

Physical Features

Not much can be ascertained about the physical features of William.

But much can be said about that of his parents.

His father, Billy, is 6’0. His hair color is a mixture of salt and pepper. His eye color is dark brown.

His mother, Adrienne, is 5’3. Her color is black. Her eye color is also dark brown.

Education and Career

The education and career path of William is a grey area. Not much can be said about this aspect of his life.

Whilst that is true for William, the same cannot be said for his father Billy. Billy is an actor, story editor, writer, and producer.  He was successful in his chosen career field.

When Billy was in high school he had a writing partner and close friend, Jane Milmore. Jane has passed away. Nilly and Jane were very good friends for 46 years.

For the 46 years in which they were friends. They were able to revolutionize the playwrighting industry. They have written several plays that have now become international hits.

Billy has also received countless awards for his works. He has received a people’s choice award, a prism award. He is an Emmy award nominee. Billy has also acted alongside famous Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise.

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