William Langston Thornton – Personal Life And Net Worth

William Langston Thornton was born on 27 June 1993 in the United States. He is the son of the famous American star Billy Bob Thornton and Russian actress Pietra Dawn. William Langston Thornton prefers to stay away from the spotlight. Hence there is hardly any detail about him on the internet. But here we bring forth to you some exciting information about William:


The name of William’s father is Billy Bob, who was born on 04 August 1955 and is a well-known Hollywood personality. Billy Bob besides being a talented actor is also a songwriter, singer, and filmmaker who has established his name in the entertainment industry.

He is well known for his character in “Sling Slade’ which gave a kickstart to his acting career. He is also famous for his role in “A simple plan,’ ‘The Alamo,’ ‘The man who wasn’t there,’ etc.

He has an eccentric personality and is also an academy award winner. A surprising fact about Billy is that he married 6 times, and Pietra is his 4th wife. Billy was first married to Melissa Lee Gatlin, followed by Toni Lawrence, and Cynda Williams.

The marriage of Billy with his first three wives lasted two years each. Later, he married Pietra Dawn, the mother Of William Langston, and stayed with her for four years. His fifth wife is the famous Angelina Jolie, with whom he separated after two years. Lastly, he married Connie Angland and has been married to her for more than five years and still counting.

William’s mother, Pietra Dawn, was born on 9 February 1970 and was a playboy model who married Billy Bob in 1993. But later, after four years, in 1997, the couple decided to split and opted for a divorce. There has been news that Pietra suffered domestic violence after marrying Billy, and thus she decided to part ways with her husband.


William has a younger biological brother named Harry James Thornton, who was born one year after him in 1994. He also has half paternal siblings named Amanda Brumfield and Bella Thornton.

Amanda holds a bad track record as she has been sentenced for 20 years in prison for being accused of manslaughter. She was accused of causing the death of Olivia Maison, her best friend’s daughter while babysitting Olivia.


Besides being the son of a famous Hollywood celebrity, William likes to keep his life personal, and there is hardly any information about his affairs and girlfriend. On the contrary, there is no news regarding his marriage or engagement either.

Height and weight

The height of William is 6 ft and 4 inches, and he weighs around 60kg.


There is no information about Willaims’ elementary school education, but it is said that he graduated from Nebraska Lincoln University in the year 2013.

William Langston Thornton Net worth

There is no information about the profession or career of William Langston Thornton; thus, it is difficult to determine his net worth. But talking about his family, the net worth of Williams’s mother is somewhere around 1 million dollars, whereas the net worth of his father, Billy, is above 45 million dollars.

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