Zivia Forster

Zivia Forster Personal Life & Everything

Zivia Forster is the ex-wife of famous American actor Robert Wallace Forster Jr., known by his stage name Robert Forster, who was born in the US and currently resides there. After debuting in the entertainment industry, his artwork appeared in several Hollywood productions.

Husband’s Death

On October 11, 2019, Robert Forster died fighting brain cancer. He took his last breath at his Los Angeles home. His spokesperson, Kathie Berlin, confirmed to the media that the cause of his illness was his brain cancer. “El Camino,” a spinoff of Breaking Bad, was released at the time of Mr. Forster’s death, in which he was portrayed as a fixer who helps Bryan Cranston’s meth kingpin create a new persona.

Personal Life of Zivia

As mentioned earlier, Zivia Forster was the ex-wife of famous American actor Robert Forster. Ziva is an American by birth and still stays in one of the states of America. Before Zivia Forster married Robert Wallace Foster in 1978, she had also appeared on screen from time to time. Zivia Forster loved and married Robert Forster in 1978, but sadly, their married life came to an end in 1980.

Personal Life of Robert

Forster was married to June on May 14, 1966, ending on September 20, 1975. The marriage produced three daughters. Robert was married to Zivia Forster from 1978 to 1980. From 2004 till his death, his long-time partner was Denise Grayson. She was a member of the high-IQ Triple Nine Society. In the month of June 2019, Robert Forster’s brain cancer came to light, and he eventually died from it at his home, that’s in Los Angeles on October 11, 2019, at the age of 78.

Zivia’s life after divorce

Though Zivia Forster was associated with Robert for only a very little time, that is two years, and after their divorce, she went on to live her own life. Zivia is still referred to as the former wife of famous actor Robert Wallace Foster.


The wealth, fame, and limelight given to Zivia Forster were all because of her famous husband, Robert Forster, who was a former American Actor. Robert was best known throughout the country and by huge fans outside of the country for his amazing numerous of his roles in movies loved by the people. Forster was famously known for one of his roles where he was portrayed as a Lebanese terrorist in the 1986 movie Delta Force.

Net Worth

Zivia Forster’s husband Robert Forster’s net worth was about 3 million US dollars. But since they are legally divorced, Zivia must have got some part of his wealth. And, Zivia being a celebrity, was also in the limelight for many years. Even if her ex-husband is dead, she and her child doesn’t have to struggle for these reasons. Not to mention, she had her own businesses too before their marriage, and it will give her future an extra addition to it whatsoever.


Before Zivia Forster married Robert Forster from 1978 until 1980, he was married from 1966 to 1975. Robert and Zivia separated after 2 years and divorced in 1980. Zivia continued to live her life and was known as Robert’s former wife. She was in the limelight on and off.

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