Zuri Kye Edwards

Zuri Kye Edwards’ Successful Life, Net Worth, & Much More

Zuri Kay Edwards was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the U.S, in July 1973. His nationality is American. He is a Patti LaBelle’s Manager. Patti LaBelle is his mother. She was a famous American singer.

He was known for Patti LaBelle’s Place (2015), Journeys in Black (2000), and Biography (1987). He was the Producer and Talent Manager in these films.


In addition to being Patti LaBelle’s manager, Zuri Kye Edwards was also involved in the production industry. The first one he produced was in the documentary exhibition “Biography” last 1987. The program consists of telling a story about the life of a remarkable person in each episode produced. Interviews are conducted on cam interviews with stock photos and photographs.

The next project he produced was another documentary film titled “Journeys in Black” last 2000. The program is about showcasing the lives of people of color through the central role of Russell Simmons – founder of Def Jam Records. He is also a prominent icon behind the scene in hip hop. In addition, he also has a history of rap music, management, oral performance, and urban fashion.

So far, the last project Zuri produced was last 2015. He’s the producer of “Patti LaBelle’s Place.” A cooking program in which Patti invited his famous friends to come and cook with him. It was a refreshing showcase of Patti’s natural and unfiltered personality. The program continued until 2017 and has completed ten episodes.


His mother’s name is Patti LaBelle, who was a famous American singer and, in her fifties, LaBelle and several other girls formed a singing group. They call it the Blue Belles. She moved to New York, USA, in the year 1960, and then to the Atlantic.

In 1970, they changed their name to Lаbеllе and joined Warner. It was released in 1973 after the launch of RECORD.

Her albums include Over the Rainbow, LaBelle, Hoen’s, Hamilton, Back to Now, and more. ENGLISH ARE OLD You’ll Never Walk Alone, Danny Oy, Lady Marmalade, and What Can I Do for You, to name a few.

His father’s name was Armstead Edwards, who was a school teacher

Relationship and More

Zuri Kay Edwards married Lona Edwards. Lona Edwards appears to be between 30 and 40 years old. Her birthdate and age, however, are uncertain. They don’t seem to have a huge age gap based on her appearance and her significant other person’s age.


Zuri Kay Edwards has three siblings named Stanley Stocker-Edwards, William Holte, and Dodd Stocker-Edwards.


Zuri Kay Edwards is blessed with two daughters named Gia and Leyla

Relationship/Bond With His Mother

Patti’s son remains the greatest achievement of her life.

The soul legend, 77, and her ex-husband, Temptations singer Otis Williams, had one child together, Zuri Kye Edwards, and she admits despite her hot songs and musical success being with her was the best she ever did.


In an interview with America’s Closer, she said: “The memory of my son was wonderful. I was the oldest woman in the maternity ward! and? ‘ It was a scary time, to give birth, but a wonderful result. “Zuri now works as Patti’s manager and admits it would be difficult to work for him, but despite their quarrels, she knows he is always interested in her because they are family.

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